Saturday, July 2, 2016

The End of Aloha, Part 3

Almost two weeks home from Oahu and adjusted back to the mainland routine of work, water polo (6-8 AM every darn-early-morning) and enjoying our California summer. I do miss Hawaii and know it will be a loooong time before we return to that ridiculously beautiful place. I count my blessings for the ability to even get to travel there and make memories that will last a lifetime.
Some final pictures to wrap up this "series" of Aloha Posts.
The "Grandkids"
Some happier than others

Cutie Pies
 Daniel Hanging Ten at Diamond Head Beach
Benson is a Connect Four addict and everyone had
 a chance to be outsmarted by a five year old!

Aloha hugs and kisses all over my Baby Girl 

Uncle Lui is joining Lucas at Camp Del Corazon this summer as a CAMP COUNSELOR.
For Lucas, finally being a counselor is a dream come true. For Uncle Lui, it's keeping a promise
he made to Lucas years ago. What an awesome Uncle!

With a box from Costco, I made Eva a boxcar and we took turns
 pulling her around the house. She loved it!
Who wouldn't?

Early morning skim boarding in front of our house. Great way to wake up ...
for a 15 year old!
The vacation puzzle was a great pastime.
It was FINALLY finished and all were gone, except Benson and his family,
 the Little Devil decided to make a big puzzle mess by tearing it apart.
When we returned his wise mother had him write an apology letter to the rest of us!
 Little Boys.:)
Actually, a good memory that made us laugh when Benson wasn't looking.
In Waikiki, Mr. Turtle swam right up next to me as I stood on a reef taking pictures.
You don't see this on Ventura beaches!

The beach in front of our casa was great for boogie boarding!

Teckie pretending to love the beach :)
XOX from my Big Babies
The view from our bedroom which was worlds away from reality.
  This morning I woke up to guitars hanging on the
wall and piles of clean laundry on the floor.
The vacation
is REALLY over :(
I love and miss you Waimanalo!
 Up Next?
Fourth of July weekend- and I still LOVE all things American!
Especially Old Glory.
 I am Thanking God for allowing us to live in America and praying for those who don't know the blessing of freedom and democracy in their lands.
 We are home and being patriotically lazy.
Have a safe Fourth everyone!


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