Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lil' Spin for NG

Are you wondering if I still ride my unicycle, Blanche?  
Over a month ago I took her on a lil'spin for two miles. Don't think I could peddle much farther without getting weak in the legs and falling on my face. But just yesterday, my boys were messing around in the front yard trying to ride Blanche, which makes me nervous. Especially, Daniel. He is prone to accidents. Many know "that kid" in our local hospital with his frequent ER visits. The most recent one was for a water balloon being lobbed 30 MPH at his face/eyeball from a kid standing TEN feet away. This was by accident, of course. 
 Regardless, he did "black out" so a CT scan was in order to make sure no concussion. So, with Dan's accident record in mind,  yesterday's unicycle riding attempts without a helmet on, was NO BUENO. 
 Lucas has a new girlfriend, we will call her NG (new girlfriend) and I was gonna show her how it's done. I shared my limited unicycle skills of forward and forward for NG. It was fun to take Blanche on a verrrry lil'spin. I wish I was motivated to ride five miles regularly, like the good old days. Where does one find motivation for that? At present, Blanche is being ignored in the living room. My neglected single wheelie sits quietly in the corner with her patriotic dunce cap on. Poor thing.

About Lucas's new girlfriend?
I like her :)
 Those two are cut from the same cloth and they appear stupidly happy and attached at the hip. Both are outgoing, love the same music, crazy adventures, and both posses hi-octane humor.

  I have only come to know NG recently and Teckie has met her only once. It hasn't helped that Teckie has been in New Mexico working for two weeks.  It's been lonely around here, but I have kept busy painting Lucas's old bedroom and spending time with my NB.
Sadly, the NG is leaving in August to attend college in Germany for an Electrical Engineering degree. Smarty pants.
It's a summer romance and then adios amigo de amor! NG will jet off to study abroad and eat bratwurst in lederhosen.

One thing I note from history is that this 19-year-old boy likes super-smart and super-cute girls :)
Another observation is that Unicycle Rose likes her riding to be infrequent and super lil'.

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