Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Aloha, Part One

ALAS, Unicycle Rose feels compelled to check in -- minus the unicycle. Ye old unicycle still sits in my living room, just a room away from my banjo. Both neglected these days, but items that hold an everlasting place in my heart's desire to keep growing up in fun ways!

Daniel and Lui relaxing before Daniel attacks the shore with his skim board

Just back from a week in Oahu, Hawaii, visiting family and making memories with my sisters, my Bro-in-laws, niece and nephew.

Lucas at Waikiki Beach

Unicycle and banjo lessons aside, today, my heart is full of good memories, gratefulness for time spent with loved ones and (of course) good health. THAT'S what it's all about people!
View from our dining room.
The beautiful beachfront landscape is fake looking.
TOO perfect? Never!
Admittedly, I have written a few posts in the near past. The pressure to perfect each one  is so great and the laziness that swells within has forced me to hold  back like a pit-bull owner facing a scared toddler. I am sort of afraid of make the wrong writing move, so doing nothing is safe... nobody gets hurt, bitten or requires a tetanus shot.
  Does that make sense?

Our attempt at a family photo in some heavy south shore winds
So, about that week on Oahu, Hawaii...
The first day there, Daniel was stung by a Man O War. We rushed him to Urgent Care for some treatment. The pain was intense and he was one-tough-cookie. Thankfully, we got him some good stuff to numb the pain, chilled for the rest of the day, then moved forward....
I do miss blogging though. And waking up to this view.

(If this is just "unicycle-rose-mumble-jumble" then bear with me.
We will let these photos from last week do the talking.)

Diapers and crying - OH, Baby girl!
Sharing a house with a 15-month-old and five-year old rocked the place. I forgot how "constant" little people are. Darling and charming as could be, I would not have wanted any other living arrangements.
 Many days we did our own family outings that only teens can do....hiking up Diamond Head, snorkeling in Hunama Bay and parasailing topped that list! Hopefully, I can share those pics soon.
 Paradise with my peeps :)

Lucas attempting to climb a coconut tree.
 The mission was not successful, and
he earned a big-fat "E" for EFFORT!

Our Jeep wheels for the week.
 Anything but luxurious, but the perfect car for DUDES!
Why yes, my husband WAS in charge of the car rental!
 Hawaiian cousins visited to bury each other in the sand, work 
on our "vacation puzzle" and other shenanigans

 WE met with even more Hawaiian cousins at the bowling alley and we (surprised) celebrated Miss Piggy's upcoming 50th birthday next month. 

A huge cake that we feasted on all week
 The bowling pool winners were Cousin Randy and Teckie

After 25 years in Hawaii, my cousin "G" is moving to Arizona next month!
I am really excited and happy for her family, but will miss the "Aloha Connection."

My boys with their Hawaiian teenage girl cousins.
 They don't even look related, right?
 Teckie and Me - hopefully there are many more Hawaii trips in our future.
 He is not a big fan - when I suggested Oahu...
He said, "We have already been to Hawaii!"
Me? I could spend every vacation on one of those islands, but he is not a "sun person", sooo
we must compromise. Isn't that just like a marriage? One huge compromise :)
Great location to spend Father's Day, fo shizzle!
Finally, a Family photo that could very well land on a Christmas card in December ... God Willing.
I am 100% positive that life circumstances can change in a minute -- so we treasure the pineapple-plumeria-turquoise water-tropical-heated-rain and dear family memories that glow in our hearts at present.

 And for now, life is good :)

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