Saturday, June 25, 2016

Aloha, Part Dos

If you noticed, I wrote "DOS" in the title instead of TWO.  
 Do you know that I STILL "think" in Spanish words? Not all the time.  Ever since high school, the basic words/verbs of Spanish live in my brain. It isn't helping that Daniel completed Spanish "Uno" last semester and is all begging me to practice his conversational Spanish. There's been mucho laughter about our bilingual (can I call it that?) casa de Espanol malo... translation:
House of bad Spanish.
But all of that Spanish-speak is besides the point of this post.
This is  about Oahu Adventures, as the title is Aloha, Part Dos. 
Duh, George.
Feels like we are going in circles....

Moving on....
 Parasailing was cancelled on Wednesday afternoon due to wind; unruley weather. There was slim pickins to go again and we rescheduled for Friday at 8AM. That was early for us, but the show must go on. We met the cousins bright and early at the Honolulu dock.  
  It was more cloudy than sunny, and quite damp. Ralph opted out of this adventure and decided to be an "observer." So, Lucas, who is scared of heights, and Daniel, who is an adrenalin junkie, and I parasailed together. Floating 500 feet above the  water, Lucas was freaking out while Daniel removed the  recording GoPro from his mouth complaining "This is all it is?"
 As for my take?
 Remember when you were a child and would look up at the fluffy-big-white clouds and wonder, "What would it be like to sit on a cloud?" Parasailing was JUST. LIKE. THAT. Cloud sitting. Yes, like that. Very floaty with some sudden dips and there is a point where they float you down like a falling leaf and soak you in the warm ocean. We didn't want this to happen, but we forgot to tell them "No Gracias" on the dipping option.
   It was an overall good experience, checked it off my bucket list
and life back on land has been marching forward ever since.
Another adventure was the four of us hiking up the top of Diamond Head Crater. Excellent-postcard-worthy views in all directions. Even a light house down below on Diamond Head Beach that Daniel would surf at later that week.
As for my take of the hike?
 It was short --1.6 miles-- yet steep, including intense climbing-up-butt-burning-stairs for almost a mile. It was gorgeous at the peak. My personal highlight was that I "Face Timed" my Dad from the tippy-top and shared the sights with him.
 Next on the "Teens in Oahu" menu? 
Snorkeling in Huanama Bay, which is tough to get into as they only allow 300 cars and then its "closed" --- it was lovely, except, once again, windy.

Since I rode a moped there on my high school senior trip in 1986, it has transformed into a snorkel-type-water park where you have to pay 8$ per person to snorkel and must watch a ten minute video on on the fish and wild-life preservation before they will let you down to the bay. Basically, the info-video-mesage was do NOT touch the fish or coral reefs as they are ALIVE and you will injure them.
Roger that, Houston.
Then off we walked, not taking tram down (yes, they have cheap tram rides now like Disneyland) to the bay and the four of us soaked in the colorful schools of  fish, many foreign languages all around, and an African American guy in a gold-shimmery-puffy-speedo. His suit reminded me of the time I saw Cool and the Gang decades ago. It was all good.

Most days we returned to our Waimanalo beach house full of active-sparky-sometimes-cranky-little-ones, more tradewinds and homemade dinners.
 So amigos, that is a wrap on Aloha adventures.

 "Aloha Part Tres" post is coming soon!
Adios and enjoy your weekend :)

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