Saturday, November 21, 2015

Timing is Everything, Woof!

This post was written a few days after we put Goldie to sleep ... in AUGUST! However, I am putting it on the cyber books to make it official Family History.
August 2015:
 I arrived home from work and there was an envelope tucked into our door. My first thought was that someone knew we were sad and left us a card. But, no. It was a leter from Animal Service with a handwritten note on the front. ""This is a 'heads up' letter from an official barking complaint made to our department. Any questions, contack me ....blah, blah, blah." Feeling drained from our sick dog, I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the irony of it all. To receive a Nuisance Animal Barking complaint the day we put Goldie to sleep? Ha! Bad life-timing.
But wait, it gets better. 
Loving our one-one-and-only
Two days after we put Goldie to sleep, we received a card from the "new vet" that was helping us with her sudden paralysis (our usual vet was booked). My first thought was they sent us a condolence card. How sweet ... Perhaps it was part of their "service" like the clay paw print they made of Goldie right after she passed.
Inside the card was handwritten "We'd like to welcome you and Goldie to the clinic! Goldie is so cute and sweet!"  It went on to say how they look forwad to helping us and our pet share a healthy and happly life together.
C'mon, for Pete's Sake -  Pay attention Vet people!!
Sara is now our "beach weemie" and this was a very windy day.
 She looks like the Flying Nun! Remember that show with Sally Fields?
 This  last week without Goldie around we have been extra loving to her sister Sara. As Goldie was the social, barky, loving one, Sara was lost in the background of hunting through the yard and ignoring us like a housecat. Now she is the only one left and it is like getting to know a whole new dog. Like I would have with Goldie, I took Sara out with us when I could. Those two couldn't have been more differnt; just like human sisters! She seemed to like the trip to the beach and is enjoying the extra treats, but is still moping and not eating like usual.  The depressed-dog "solution" better not be another dog, because that's "no bueno". I read it can take dogs weeks to get through the depression and sadness of losing a litter mate. We will wait and see ...

Weiner Sister Update:
November - Three months with only Sara
Sara is in the shape of her life! She lost a couple pounds in her grieving, and she had it to lose.  We had named her "Fatty" when her sister was alive. Mean, right? She is a dog, and didn't know she was overweight. For the record, I would never call my kid or friend that. However, now Stealth Sara is in the pit of health. She comes to work with me a couple days a week and I walk her daily.  She is my new BFF! These have been positive changes, and, it appears, we'll survive as a one-dog-family.
So, there ya go!
 We have an old-new dog, Sara, who is turning NINE (that's 63 in dog years) on November 25 ... Please pass the pupcakes :)