Thursday, August 6, 2015

Prayers for Goldie

On Monday Goldie joined Edna and I for coffee and some errands. Edna adores dogs, as I mentioned before, and I am guilty as well ... particularly with The Wiener Sisters. At ten weeks old we bought the tiny dachshunds and they will be nine in November! 
Edna and Goldie; Ready to conquer the day!
Anyways... where was I?
Later Monday afternoon, after a normal-dog-day for Goldie, she started to limp. She could walk, but something was clearly wrong with her dragging back leg and her hind end swayed like a drunk. We took her to the vet who diagnosed spine problems, which are VERY common in dachshunds. She was given steroids and put on muscle relaxers and was to keep still to heal. This was impossible for hyper Goldie but we did our best to crate her (whining) or hold her. Normal life stopped.
It all started Monday
Tuesday things got pretty bad. We returned to the vet  and she confirmed that Goldie's condition was worse. She couldn't walk and was almost completely paralyzed on one side. She asked if back surgery was an option. No.
 The vet gave us sedatives to keep calm and chill for a couple weeks. We were to crate her and only take her out to use the bathroom every few hours.
Yesterday outside; she can't walk at all
Sweet Goldie has been on a downward spiral toward paralysis. As of today, she can't walk at all and yesterday she lost control of her bowl and bladder, which you can imagine is sad and messy. Teckie ran and bought diapers to help control things. It's like having an infant all over again. As you can imagine we are all devastated, especially Daniel, as this was "his dog" and best friend since he was six.
This is depressing :(
We  are returning to the vet this afternoon and from what I read online the prognosis is not a good one. It's crushing to watch our peppy-licky-loving family mascot morph into a sick-crippled-dog in three days. We don't like where this is heading. Please pass the Kleenex. 
Prayers for Goldie please.

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