Sunday, August 9, 2015

Goodbye Goldie

Sadly, we had to put Goldie to sleep.
 It was an emotionally draining week.
 We are empty. 
Teckie and I cancelled our weekend in Santa Barbara (to celebrate his birthday) and stay home. Our hearts are tenderly fragile right now. Sara, Goldie's sister, is mopey and not herself. Those two have been together, playing and sleeping on each other everyday for nearly nine years. 
Sisters Forever
Those last days with Goldie, knowing she had to leave us - were tough,  but a blessing just the same. We didn't waste a minute of loving her. During the day we took her outside and sat together under a shady tree; letting her soak up the yard she loved to play in. She would try to run but her paralyzed behind wouldn't budge. Poor thing. We let her have all the treats she wanted and even some Chinese Orange Chicken that she devoured. Goldie's last night she slept in between Daniel and I in our guest bedroom. Lucas and Sara were next to us on the floor. 
We brought Sara with us to the vet when we let Goldie go. Teckie held her. She knew what was going on. It was a heart wrenching day; but a relief knowing she is out of pain and running around with healed legs in doggie heaven.

Goldie would have been nine on November 25, 2015
We brought Goldie home in a box that Lucas painted brown with a big red heart on the top. She was wrapped in blankets with her sweet-little-face showing; white-aged muzzle and all. Daniel and Teckie dug a nice deep hole and we buried her in the backyard. Sara sat from a distance and watched. When the final shovel and rake were finished; Sara slowly walked up to her sister's grave and sat right on top of it. 
Grieving together is easier than doing it alone. 
This is a mournful family time and it feels like there are no tears left. Now, only  memories of the most love-able, lick-y and dearest dachshund will live on. She will be forever missed by this family she blessed every day with kisses and that joy-filled-wagging-back half.

Rest In Peace Sweet Goldie

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-stephanie- said...

I am so sorry for your loss of your little cutie.
It's so hard to lose a beloved part of your family.