Thursday, July 30, 2015

Revival Ride, Bowling and Burrito-Cats in Space

The last 24 hours included a revival, bowling and burrito-cats in space.
 Wait, please.
 Let me "splain" (remember Cuban Ricky Ricardo?). 
This term will click if you were ever hooked on I Love Lucy reruns. 
I'll "splain" this crazy post's title.

Yesterday I took Blanche out for what used to be a smooth-sailing-four-mile-ride. It went more like this. Hop on and commit to staying on Blanche for the first mile ... no matter what, DO NOT hop off. It has been so long since I have taken a long unicycle ride. I thought I was going to pass out after that first squirrely-sweaty mile. Next, I rewarded my sore legs with walking Blanche, like I would my dog. However, I was the one panting; tongue flopped out.  This went on and off for the next two miles. Off and on. Off when I couldn't take it anymore, walk Blanche for a while, then repeat. I arrived where the fourth and final mile starts. HERE is where I made the mistake of challenging myself to NOT hop off the final mile home. Couldn't do it. As a matter of fact, I now can't walk without being reminded how out of tune these legs are.  I have many miles to go before I claim to be "unicycle fit." How did I EVER conquer half-marathons? And to think I almost brought along my selfie stick to take some fun-frolicking photos while on my revival ride. 

Not happening this week ....  
Our Official Mascot with Overboard and Me
What IS happening?
 Our summer bowling league. 
Maybe it's the Hospice Supper Club that's opened my heart to love older peeps, especially my own. Like my Overboard Mom to be exact! Last May, I was spurned on to join this weekly summer bowling league with my kick-butt-strike-loving-mamma. I lassoed my friend Janet into our team of three. We are the "Newbees" and this is because Janet and I are brand-spanking new to what I fondly call the Grandma League. It's like being part of a senior-citizen-sorority, filled with playful-sage-gals  (But without secret handshakes, kegs or crazy blind dates). Oh, if I had a dollar for every "pointer" they've shared with me, I'd purchase my own bowling shoes. 

Today my new employer "Edna" came along. 
BTW, The Newbees are not in LAST place... just ranked seventh out of eight teams. Slowly, we are making our strategic move to the top. Edna can only bring us good luck. Her best pointer was "just throw it down the middle." 

Lastly, Daniel and I attempted school shopping today.  Along the way I found this treasure.  Four-year-old nephew Benson LOVES bean burritos and LOVES cats, so I hit the jackpot! Cats are wrapped in tacos and burritos floating through space. I can only imagine this designer's state-O-mind when he created this wacky masterpiece. Benson will think it's out-of-this-world-awesome!  Plus, I grin out loud every time I see this ridiculous tank top! 

Hopefully the jabber brings clarity to this once-in-a-lifetime blog title. 
Until next time, Peace and Keep the Balance.

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