Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy 6th Blogoversary

Driving home from Arizona yesterday, I was irked trying to remember "what was special about this upcoming week of July." 
Am I missing someone's birthday? 
Dental appointment?
 Do I owe money? 
Something was pinging around in a cobwebbed crevice of my memory about this particular week. 
Clarity was mine when I recalled that July 27th is Unicycle Rose's 6th Blogoversary. Despite my shoddy record of posting, a celebratory entry is in order!
Since recalling this momentous date, my mind has the Tasmanian Devil of thoughts whirling around, tossing about what to focus on. Possible topic/headlines include (but not limited to):
Old pals enjoying the Diamond in the  Desert Resort in Peoria, AZ
-The girls getaway weekend in Arizona I just returned from?
-That I am not going back to my job in fourth grade? I quit :)
-And on that note, I have a NEW job that God dropped in my lap when I wasn't looking?
-My precious niece Eva who we are all madly in love with?
Our Dollie
-That Lucas was voted by the managers "Employee of the Month" at In and Out Burger?
-My parents are preparing to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary?
-Miss Piggy turned 49 over the weekend, but I missed her party (sad face).
-I have a painful crown in the back of my mouth and I hate this toothache and my new dentist?
-My latest collection of "Things That Make Me Laugh?"
Do you grasp the "topical storm" in my head  hauling debris of details from each possible headline story? 
I'm overwhelmed.
I have decided to share THE BEST and MOST IMPORTANT point of what's been happening here. 
Drum roll please ...

My family is healthy and together
 In the end, that is ALL that matters.
 The rest is just fun pink-fluff that keeps life interesting.  
So, On this 6th Blogoversary of Unicycle Rose I wish to make a toast.
 Please raise your glass:

 "Horray! To another year of 'Keeping the Balance' on and off my unicycle, staying focused on what really matters in life, and praise to God for being gracious and patient with broken-old-unicycle-riding me!" 

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