Wednesday, July 29, 2015


That's where you will find me; at the crossroads of life. 
Between being a parent and employee I have spent fourteen years at a private Christian school.  That's a Chunk O' Time!! When Daniel graduated from there last spring, my parent ties were severed.
"What do I want to be when I grow up?"
That's the question I kept asking myself, but came up blank. So, I decided to stay in fourth grade for many reasons. As a Mom, nothing can beat the school work schedule ... two weeks off at Christmas, free summers, off early, and I worked with amazing people I loved!
My friend Melanie, who is one of four caretakers of an 90 year-old-woman,  asked if I could help as one of the "Gal Pals" (that's what her caretakers are called) hurt her back. Sure! It was three days a week from 9-2, and it paid great (especially compared to my other job).  The old lady is delightful, spry and spunky. She doesn't want to stay at home, so the time is  spent making her breakfast, having coffee together at Starbucks every morning,  then running her errands, and mine too! She wants to be out and about, which I like.  Yesterday she came to my house to watch the Dog Whisperer (she loves dogs and Caesar Milan) while I folded our laundry and prepped dinner! Tomorrow she is joining me at the bowling alley, as Overboard and I are in a summer league (and having a ball - no pun intended).
You know where this is going ...
The injured "Gal Pal" can't return to work, so they asked me if I was interested ...Um, YES! It is a better fit for my entire family right now.
I know what you are thinking. She is 90! No spring chicken, I understand. She is OLD and "What if?" Well, I have thought that too, but feel like my shoes are tied and I am ready to take this leap of faith. It could lead to ... God only knows. Apparently, He has a plan with my best interests at heart and I'm trusting that. So here I go, riding my unicycle down a new path at the crossroads of life.

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