Sunday, June 28, 2015

Smooth Jazz on the Beach

Hello Reader! I wrote this post four months ago. It has patiently crouched in my computer, not making a peep, like other neglected posts. Alas, I will put it center stage because it was a day I want to remember for many heartfelt reasons. 
Read for yourself:
Its February and my can is parked in the sand while Daniel tries to catch a wave in Ventura. Today, I decided to listen to different music instead of my "usual."  Who knows why, but ya, smooth jazz seemed interesting. At first "listen" it felt like I was on a cruise ship. With jazz in my ears, I looked up and far out at the Pacific Ocean before me. I remembered cruising in the Caribbean and hearing smooth jazz during dinner and at happy hour on the Lido deck. This smooth jazz sounds different and corny, well, smoooooth-ERRR. I like it.
Smooth jazz in my ears, my mind traveled to last weekend which was out of the ordinary. Months ago my sister, Miss Piggy, asked Lucas and me to speak at her church retreat at Our Lady Of Sorrows in Santa Barbara. The theme was "Hope and Healing" and  my knee jerk reaction was to say "no gracias." But after much  prayer, I was brought back to that time of Lucas's miraculous healing and my transformation through his first two years of life.  I realized that sharing this testimony is the LEAST I could do after ALL God has done for us. So, I put my big girl panties on and started to brainstorm how to use up 45 minutes telling our story.  Admittedly, reflecting back to 1997 did stir up a lot of "stuff" inside and that coupled with Lucas' upcoming graduation from high school a healthy emotional melt down was triggered.. 

Saturday, February 21st, was THE day and we were prepared to share.  I pulled it all together best I could, slide show included.  It was refreshing to recall the changes in me after that painful year of two open-heart surgeries on our baby son. After that year, we made a lot of big life changes based on our experiences with Lucas.

 For example, we moved to a smaller house, I quit my job, I stated attending Community Bible Study and listening to Christian music (which I used to think was dorky when I was in my twenties). I could go on how God rewired my priorities and heart, but you get the idea. Our talk went fabulous and sent a strong message of "Hope and Healing" to our audience. At least that is what Miss Piggy said, I really can't remember much.
As if THAT was not enough for one day, Lucas and his band, Attack the Shark,  was playing a gig at a small venue in town. He and two friends donned ti-dyed  morph suits and performed songs they wrote with the help of drums, electric guitar, tambourine and baritone horn. Oh, to be young and look great in a morph suit! It was a goofy entertaining night and I realized that Lucas got the best of Teckie and me. 
It felt right to share our God story and it felt like pure joy to listen to my kids live music that night. Very special day.
Back on the beach, still lounging in the sand, I am soaking in the smooth jazz floating into my ears while daydreaming about a Caribbean cruise and the Lido deck.

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