Monday, June 29, 2015

Makes Me Laugh, Part 2

Back to my collection of "Things That Make Me Laugh."
Folks may describe what follows as creepy, disturbing or just plain wrong, and on some level I agree (vaguely). However, I find it strangely hilarious, and so do my kids, which might an indicator of my juvenile sense of humor.  A girlfriend (with kids) turned me on to the free app called Face Juggler that flips faces.  Daniel and I have peed our pants laughing while juggling faces around. Here are some of my favorites:
Dad and Me ... doesn't he look like Willie Nelson?
MOM and DAD ... Willie Nelson again
Teckie and me ... we make a horrible looking lady!
Lucas and Daniel
Lucas and Overboard
Whether you snickered, winced, cringed or giggled at these pictures, it won't alter the great time I had with my kids creating them!
 Oh, and it's so easy to do. 
Try it and tickle (or gross out) your peeps in a silly creative way!

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