Saturday, June 27, 2015

Makes Me Laugh, Part 1

Sharing my "Things That Make Me Laugh" files is overwhelming.
 There are too many to choose from and I understand that a sense of humor varies from one person to the next. 
I will break this up into a couple posts so you can really bathe in smiles. 

These top two are my favorites and still make me chuckle.
 The next are more like word puns. 
I had to THINK when I first read them ... it's a "pun challenge."
I  appreciate the creative mind this next one was fished out of.

These two were just plain cute and silly!

This last one is sad, but true.
 Most are mesmerized by their phone and miss out on "life" around them.
 I am guilty! That is why it's funny.
It hits home and frees me to dance without inhibition.
shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah!
No body cares or notices :)
Enjoy this gorgeous Saturday of Summer 2015

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