Monday, March 9, 2015

Best Gift Ever

Many posts have been written and not published. Does it take everyone a long time to fine tune their writing? This post just can't sit and collect dust because I print my blog into a book and it's imperative that I announce the arrival of my niece, Eva Marie. least for posterity's sake :)
She arrived last Thursday, but I didn't get to formally meet this angel until yesterday. I held all 7.4 pounds of her and she felt so light and tiny.  Especially after I'd been luggin 15 pounds of wiener-dog-like-bricks around our place. She was like holding a fluffy pink cream puff that emitted new-baby-smell. Soooo different than her four-year-old-non-stop brother, Benson, and The Wiener Sisters!
Her Italian is showing "Whats a-matta-you?"
Eva Marie is perfect, sweet and beautiful, but most importantly healthy!
 Yes, healthy! 
We sat around Cutie-pie's house for eight hours, playing the game "It's my turn to hold the Baby." Adding a baby girl to our family is an answer to prayer and a natural high. Win-win!
Cream Puff laying on my chest
She really is more like a gift, yes a gift! 
 My birthday is today and all I can think about is holding her again.
 Best gift ever!
Overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway - gorgeous weather!
Enough baby talk (for now). Friday was a school holiday so we took a long hike. My shins are still sore! Perhaps, I will remember to stretch next time? Duh!

Saturday was Daniel's final CYBA game. It's so exciting that his team will be playing for first place in a championship game this Saturday. At the same time, its a disappointment that he will not be there, as he leaves for his 8th Grade Washington, DC trip on Friday. Oh, the life of a fourteen year old! I think I will  attend and cheer those Wild Cats on!
In the six years playing in this league, his team has never placed first. I don't want to miss it, or miss (hopefully) collecting a big-momma trophy for him!
Dad and Me at my birthday party :)
 Saturday night we celebrated my 47th birthday early. It's a blessing to grow older and remain healthy, don't get me wrong ... but 47 sounds so old! Inside my heart and mind, I feel more like 30. Fifty is a-knockin in just three short years! Time zings on by and I do my best to remember that everyday together is a gift. Just like Eva Marie. A gift. 
Making my yearly wish
It's always fun to gather with  friends and family, play games and eat cake. A birthday is just an excuse to connect! I wonder what this new year of Unicycle Rose will bring? Besides a niece, of course....
Special thanks to Cutie-Pie and Dave, and a shout-out to God who masterminded procreation in us. Their finest work is the miraculous creation of my one-and-only-niece.
Best gift ever! 
Happy Birthday to me :)

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