Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Unusual Start

February has delivered the most unusual start!
I am reading a Joel Osteen book and he stresses the importance of thinking positive thoughts. Waking up positive and expecting Gods favor is part of living your best life now. So when I put my ten bucks in the football pool, I said and thought I'd win. I repeated it with strange confidence "I am going to win!" 
And I Won! 
I wish it was that easy every time!
 Super Bowl Sunday was profitable, but what happened Monday was priceless. Part of my job at lunch duty is corralling kids, making sure they toss trash, that they don't run around and that is all I expected to do. When the kindergarten through third grade (K-3) had their lunch time, I was strolling around the lunch area.
 Silently observing.
Thinking about all the different little lives before my eyes.
  My peripheral vision caught a kid to my left with a bright red face. I started walking briskly towards four second grade boys sitting on the concrete. 
 Something was wrong. One boy was choking.
 Like, really choking.
 Hands flailing. 
No sound.
 At last! Years of First Aid/CPR training held purpose! I bent over him and did the Heimlich Maneuver. The scene felt plain wrong. I was punching this kid in the stomach, really hard, with his friends watching. After that first abdominal thrust, I could hear air moving through his throat. It was rattling, not cleared. I did it again...
He started crying which is a good sign because the obstruction, an orange slice,  was gone. He cried for a while and I held him. I explained to his friends that when this happens they should get adult help right away. They said, "We didn't know what he was doing. He wouldn't answer us." 
 I am thankful that God put me at that place and time. It feels good when He uses me to carry out his good works! All the praise and glory to Him!

Winning the football pool and saving a little life made for a most unusual start of  February! 
What will happen next?
 Fingers are crossed for more windfall and less First Aid :)

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