Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sprinkle Sprinkle!

This weekend calls for light showers! 
This is wonderful news as we are hosting a Sprinkle (small baby shower) for Cutie Pie. A sprinkle on a sprinkle ... could we plan any better than THAT? This is the week of tending to small details. I slapped together (literally) a poster for our featured game. It's FAR from perfect, but perfection is not what this is all about.  This is a celebration of a small pink life, due to arrive on March 6th, unless the bubble breaks early. Miss Piggy and I have devised an entire  Baby Shower Price Is Right game that should be entertaining for our eighteen contestants, oops, I mean "guests."
Yesterday,  I took a break from party prep to bake up a Hospice Supper Club Dinner for my 93 year-old friend. Yes, quiche again, but with store bought eggs. Man, I dig this old lady. We spent an hour chatting about the latest books she has read and we always share what is happening in our families. She has only seen her 6 month old great-granddaughter once. When I asked if she had a photo, she reminded me that she was blind! 
The one thing that doesn't meld with us is that she's Jewish and believes that once she dies, life is over! That's the end!  I am a Christian, and believe we are just passing through this crazy, broken world. That hope of eternal life  doesn't exist with her. It is interesting and depressing to me, but, I love her just the same :)
I hoped to take my unicycle for a spin today, but the demands of Sprinkle prep and Daniel are weighing on my mother's heart. His full wet suit arrived and he is hot to surf in the Pacific Ocean. So, lot's of Sprinkle errands are on the agenda until I park my can in the sand and enjoy God's beautiful California coast. 

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