Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sprinkle Saturday and More

The Sprinkle went on without a glitch! Even the rain was perfectly timed. Most importantly Cutie-Pie said she had the BEST DAY EVER (That makes me think of Spongebob's song "The Best Day Ever" -- hilarious tune!).
  Where was I?
Saturday was a mix of the most amazing women in her life, coming together with extreme joy over this Baby Girl.
Our Cousin from Hawaii was in town. So happy she could join us before she headed to the Grammy's today.  Miss Piggy worked the kitchen serving up her goat cheese, artichoke and smoked ham strata. That was delicious! We agreed that she should have made more as everyone LOVED the stuff. There was little to no seconds :( 
Copying her recipe during the party, we were able to pass on her recipe to guests like an unexpected party favor. 
I wish I had photos of the games we played. But, we were busy running the show. Everyone was totally into it, pretending to be contestants, running down the isle and "hi-fiving." I cracked up. It was a game that everyone had a chance to play. Plus, there were many winners. What's not to like?
Overboard was such a HUGE help to Miss Piggy and me  in pulling together all the details of this Sprinkle. She made her signature Goliath fruit salad, and well, you saw her flower creations in my last post. It really does take a village ...
Before we chowed, we gathered in a big circle and prayed for this new life arriving soon. It must have been a good-enough prayer, as it left Cutie-Pie in tears. Or, her hormones were flaring up? Lord knows her olfactory senses (see previous post) are heightened in this pregnancy... emotions probably are too? It really was a touching personal prayer. Perhaps it's true that God always gives us the right words when we ask!
The mound of gifts were filled with all things pink. Mostly clothes that were off-the-charts adorbs. She received lots of diapers, blankets, binkies and booties. This little lady won't need a thing for at least six months.
 Toward the end of gifts we served dessert. Miss Piggy made a strawberry cake from scratch that was so delicious. Confession: I had two pieces. Yes, it was a "big eatin" day for me. Must get lots of exercise this coming week as we ALSO ate lasagna in the evening and had a second round of cake. This time birthday cake in honor of some old friends who are totally worth all the calories. 
My men chillin....
Look how cute Goldie is on my dad's lap. She is such a LOVE! 
Oh, and we played a new dice game with friends and can you believe that I won the $50 jackpot? Jeez, I am on a roll this month! Perhaps I will pick up some lottery tickets while I am "in the zone!"
The Sprinkle and Birthday dinner made for a ginormous day of celebrating and I admit I was exhausted by the end. 
As it should be, Sunday was a day of rest. We kicked up our feet like this bunny on this cute diaper cake that was a gift for baby. All day today, Teckie and I were happy to sit around and loaf. It was a fantastic weekend, one that we will never forget ... but don't think I could physically repeat anytime soon :)

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