Monday, February 16, 2015

HVD (Belated)

Happy Belated Valentine's Day (HVD)!
Long weekends are always a treat! 
On Friday, I was showered with many thoughtful gifts from students, including EIGHT boxes of chocolate! Then, after lunch we we headed up to Pine Mountain for some rest and relaxation.
I love my thoughtful fourth graders!
It smelled so piney-fresh in the mountains. Unfortunately, there was no snow, but it was verrry cold at night. So, that is all we got ... chilly noses and brisk hikes. Snow or not, it's nice to leave the routine behind and enjoy a change of scenery.
A highlight is that the cabin we rent is part of the Pine Mountain Club so we walk there and enjoy their air hockey, ping pong and family friendly amenities. On VD we headed out for pizza and returned home to play a new dice game and Heads Up! 
Teckie was thoughtful and gave me a mushy card (I love words) .....what else? 
Ya, a big-chocolate-filled-heart. So! Make that NINE boxes received! It's an all time record! Good thing I enjoy chocolate (but not as much as I love sharing it!) 
Did I mention that Lucas did not join us this weekend? He has his own life and, as happy as I am for him, I get nervous leaving him behind. However, he will be eighteen next month!  I better get used to his adult-like-independence and continue praying ALOT!
Another highlight? Andre brought his banjo and Teckie his guitar, so there was an amazing music portion on this VD weekend. There always is when we hang out with this talented family. A banjo is such a cool sounding instrument and I can't help but think of dueling banjos, Steve Martin or Hee Haw! 
 I sure wish I was musically inclined, but I am not. I took piano lessons for a couple years right after we were married. It was difficult to learn as an adult but it was a goal I set. As soon as I played Christmas carols and everyone sang along with sheet music, my goal was complete. CHECK!
What a great memory! 
However, there was nothing natural about reading/playing music. I will DEFINITELY stick with the unicycle :)
Nothing like freshly bathed dogs! Am I right?
Now we are back home, enjoying what is left of this President's holiday. Unpacking, laundry and bathing The Wiener Sisters have kept me busy and now I'm happy to blog. Not looking forward to work tomorrow, it's soooo nice to know a short-work-week lies ahead, with multiple boxes of chocolate to fuel it. 
Here's hoping your VD weekend was a cozy, relaxing one accented with love, warm memories and excessive sweet treats!

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