Monday, February 2, 2015

Goodbye Chickens, Hellllo Blanche

Friday was my first day back to work and the highlight was correcting English worksheets. When fourth graders can's spell a word, we tell them to sound it out. Otherwise, we could spend all of class time being their spellcheck. The English lesson was about interrogative sentences. At the end, it asked them to write out two examples. I had glanced a "double-take" when I saw this one. 

Is the job sexesfol?
It took a minute to understand. 
Only a nine year old could dream that up .... Is the job successful? 

Also on Friday, I hopped on Blanche after six weeks of storing her in the grungy garage. We are reunited and it feels so good. I was able to do a bit over two miles in our neighborhood, only falling once. The best part is that folks were out and everyone comments. Usually, I engage them, but I was focused straight ahead, reminding myself to hold my shoulders back and sit straight up. I did four miles after work today and it didn't come easy, but I did it.
Blanche now returns to her seat of honor in our living room and away from the dusty garage with it's broken bike helmets, hiking boots and lacrosse sticks.
With all the chicken droppings, one has to wear shoes that are set aside just for the coop.
At last, I can toss the disgusting chicken shoes in the trash,.
Also, on Friday Teckie informed me that the chickens were checking out of their four-year-stay in our backyard. I put on my "chicken shoes" for the last time and headed to the coop to take final pictures and wish them good riddance.

Excuse me? You can't just kick us out! Let me talk to the manager....
 Teckie posted "five laying hens" on Craigslist and in less than an hour he had multiple takers. Who knew chickens were such a hot item? He was more than ready to unload the birds whom I hope will have a long life in another backyard and not piping hot out of some oven. Although Daniel shed a short tear, he was relieved to see that chores vanish. So, after I crack, whisk and scramble the last of the "farm-fresh-free-range-organic-eggs" it's back to adding them to my shopping list. 

I guess you can say that Friday was day of small changes. It was back to work and riding my unicycle, as well as writing the final chapter in our chicken book.
In other words ... Goodbye chickens and helllllo Blanche

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