Friday, February 6, 2015

Flowers, Surf and Other Non-Scents

Check out Overboard's flower arrangements for the Sprinkle tomorrow!
 We don't call her Overboard for nothing! 
She is in charge of flower arrangements because it's one of her many "things." After she delivered these beauties it felt like this modest Sprinkle was parlaying into a wedding! They are lovely! 
Some anxiety creep-ed in this afternoon over the details. Personally,  I like to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sister), not ironing table clothes and the such.... which I did NOT do.  That's what dryers are for, right? 
  It's been fun prepping ... setting up tables and borrowing chairs, wrapping and planning and cleaning the big stains from our rug (not fun). The place looks pretty good to me. Cutie Pie brought Benson over this afternoon to play. Once inside my casa the first thing she said was
 "Your house smells like poop!" 
NOT ...
"The flowers are lovely"
"Your house looks so clean."
"Looks great awesome-amazing-sister!"
 Only a sister could get away with this! LOL!
I noted to myself that aromatic candles will be burning tomorrow ...
Even though I smelled nada.  Just in case.
You know what they say ... Whoever ...
As for Daniel, he loved the beach yesterday, but there was not a wave in sight. It was like a lake and extremely low tide. Not what he hoped for. Such is life. He looked so cute in his wet suit trying to catch the baby waves.  I finished my book in the sand. Then, I laid on my back and gazed up at the clouds trying to make out animals or shapes. I did spot a cool dolphin cloud and then it swam into the sky. No time to photograph it :(
Now, off for some sleep, tomorrow is a big-momma day. Have I mentioned we are hosting a birthday dinner tomorrow night for Jan/Feb family and friend's birthdays? Yes, back-to-back celebrations. 
What's another pound on an elephant? 
We Italians are born with an innate festive desire to kick up one's heels, celebrate, and "mangia" (eat)  together for any reason.
 Life is short ... 
Until further notice, celebrate everything!

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