Thursday, January 1, 2015

Surprise Ham From God

I ended 2014 with the candy puzzle and Anne Lamott book, "Small Victories"   finished.  I love puzzles and this author.
Anne Lamott sees God everywhere.
She is open to him 24/7. 
 One of the stories she shared was when she went to the market on her birthday. At check out she was told she won a ham! She doesn't like ham and considered declining her prize. Instead, she acted surprised and thankful, wondering what on earth God wanted her to do a huge ham. Waiting for the clerk to return with her huge slab of meat, she mentally named it "the ham of God."
 Isn't that hilarious?
Leaving the market, lost in thought, her cart hit a slow moving car in the parking lot. Startled, she looked up to find an old friend she had not seen in decades. This woman was in a junker car and in the dumps; no money for gas or food for her family.  Anne gave her all the money in her purse and asked if her family liked ham. She said yes and that her kids could eat ham at every meal. So, THAT is what God wanted her to do with that big ham ... pass it along and answer the prayers of someone else. 
These are the God stories I love hearing. 
It amazes me how God uses simple people to get his work done, if they are open to Him. 
Speaking of which ...
 I woke up having small pity party for one.
 I am sore and always impatient and have no choice but to lay low and keep swallowing Percocet. We usually host a small New Year's Eve gathering. I knew we wouldn't this year because the "party catalyst" (Me) couldn't pull off the prep. It bummed me out telling my friend we would have to pass this year. She said she understood.
When she told her kids the news they would have none of it. They insisted that we spend it together, like we are "supposed to do." We never realized it's an unintended tradition that means alot to them.
The next day, my friend called. 
She had no idea what was going on in my "farumphed" heart, as we barely talk due to life blocking the road. From my end of the phone, it felt like God called her up and said, "Ya know, your old friend feels crummy, so please bring her a party for me to cheer her up." 
On New Year's Eve, they arrived with pizza, guacamole, homemade peach cobbler, cookies, chicken salad, fireworks and I could go on and on.... they literally delivered a party to us like a piping-hot-pizza from Dominoes! She even promised to do all the work, clean up included, as well as being "my servant." Doesn't that sound like Jesus?
Last night, with blowers and ridiculous hats we welcomed 2015 like "we are supposed to do." She was using her kind nature to make it all happen. However, God knew how I was feeling, so (it appears) he used her beautiful-simple heart and delivered me a great big ham

Happy New Year! 
Cheers to 2015, CLINK!
PS. When I tried to explained all this to her, 
she was not happy when I called her my ham. 

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