Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nada Mucho

Not much is happening over here. 
I am still not working. I tried it and complications got in the way. I am home and reading up a storm.... My favorite so far,  was a new release ...
"It Was Always Me" by Andie Mitchell. 
Her story appealed because having had an eating disorder in college, I connected with this memoir about her life as "the fat girl" who always struggled with food. Finally, after twenty binging/dieting years, she was successful in losing 130 pounds on her own. 
Her story is that she was chubby all her life and loved food. Who doesn't? She tried dieting, but finally decided that BIG is just the way she was. So, she kept on eating to 268 pound while but she developed her personality and intellect along the way. I don't want to spoil the story so I will put the brakes on. Her story  was a reminder how important BALANCE is in our eating habits and overall life.
So, here are some photos from the past weeks. Let's start with some good food (ironic, I know).
I tried out a new enchilada recipe. It has been over a month that I have intended to create these delicious babies, and finally I had a good reason to make enough to feed a small Mexican army. We carted them down to Hollywood to see Cutie-Pies new castle.
Old is the new "new"
It's gorgeous! Now they have a yard, garage, attic, basement and soon a new baby will be added.  It's really exciting for them (and this auntie too!) Their new home is beautiful and classic, located in an old Hollywood suburb. This remodeled casa is eighty-eight years old! It reeks of L.A. history and is "adorbs" if that is a real word. 
My guys loved the basement and  finished attic!
After the "tour" and enchiladas, all the guys headed to Bronson Canyon Park that is right up their street.
 Once there, they hiked  up to "The Batcave" from the original Batman movie in 1960's. I remember watching the batmobile roar out of this cave with Robin in the passenger seat. 

 There are many  awesome hiking trails in their nearby canyon/mountains. I can't wait to explore them.
Besides reading, hanging with family and trying a new enchilada recipe with high calorie "secret sauce", I have been attending many-a-basket ball game. Daniel's school team is undefeated and loving it. 
Undefeated and  it feels so good :)
His local city team, The Wildcats, are doing super with a current 2-1 record. Although, Daniel missed the game today due to being sick... yes, it's flu season. 
As for Lucas? He is in full-blown-college-scholarship mode. He has been accepted to two colleges and we are excited for him, hoping that scholarships will arrive on their magic carpets.
 Or, that he will get the commercial that he is auditioning for on Monday.
 Remember .... Dreams are free, right?
If those hopes don't come a'knockin - that's okay.
 What I covet is that we are together and healthy...
 Doing our best to Keep the Balance.

 In the big picture of life, love, God, health and togetherness are number one... that is the TRUTH :)
I like truth.
 And balance.
And enchiladas. 
And peace.
And basketball, for now.

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