Thursday, January 8, 2015

Do I Miss Unicycling?

It's been a month since I hopped on Blanche and it will be another six weeks before I attempt to perch on my single-wheelie.
 Do I miss it? Not really. 
I do miss a brisk walk with my favorite music that I can't get out of my head. I miss taking The Wiener Sisters to the park and I miss a good-long stretch session. The past three weeks have been non-active; a different flavor of life for UnicycleRose.
 What I have not been doing?
 The Christmas break extension is unexpected, but welcomed. Although mentally ready to head back to fourth grade, my body was not. With this spare time, I've stumbled upon things that make me laugh, without even having to look on Pinterest! I like to laugh, although it hurts when I do these days.
So ya, I don't miss unicycling, but a hearty laugh that lingers and rolls? 
Miss it.
My Teckie will love this one!
How am I passing el tiempo?
A second book is finished ..."Wife 22" by Melanie Gideon. This non-fiction recommendation from a friend was a page turner. A story about a twenty-year marriage on the rocks, it is one that any forty-something, committed, monogamous wife/mother gets lots in.

Other non-active activities (isn't that an oxymoron?) I'm tinkering with? Cutie Pie's baby "Sprinkle." Unbeknownst to me, a second baby shower, small and simple, is now called a "Sprinkle," not a "Shower."
Cutie-Pie has only 8 more weeks to grow!
I found two games we have never played and I'm preparing those. Invites are going out soon and being that it's en mi casa, I need to think about decorating for Valentine's Day... you know, "festivate" the place. It's so empty around here since we deflated Christmas. It's almost time to crack-open my Valentine's box and bust out some hearts and love to fill the spaces.
This final funny is dedicated to my math-hating sister, Miss Piggy!
Hopefully, you found a smile somewhere in this post.
 Peace and Keep the Balance :)

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