Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Inspiration

I've mentioned that I collect words of encouragement and inspiration, along with things that make me laugh. Here are some of my favorite inspiring words. All are wonderful reminders to stash in your back-mental-pocket as we kick off a new year.
 When I feel like I have done something that makes someone happy and they voice gratitude, it only makes me want to keep give/doing more. Right? This phrase is also a nudge to speak up and let others know their help is appreciated and that they make a wonderful difference! 
It reminds me to tell my husband how great he is at dishwashing and kitchen clean up :0)
When thankfulness is given a voice, it feeds hearts and churns up further out-pouring of love. The truth is every human needs to feel appreciated. 
Excellent words to remember because Satan wants us to forget!
 There is spiritual warfare all around.  Don't alow the devil to keep pointing out the negatives in your life. Cast him away when you feel that pessimistic loser on your shoulder. Flick him off like a bee so your eyes stay open to the light and blessings that make up the bigger picture of your life.
 Believe me, I have negative thoughts and past hurts that repeat in my head. The devil loves this, so to fight back I keep these wise words tucked in my heart. 
We already know what really matters in life, right? 
This is a no-brainer for many, sadly though, not for everybody. 
Eventually, they will "get it."
Ever since I discovered these seven simple words they (thankfully) pop in my head often. Thank you, God!
A reminder that The Creator of all things is on YOUR personal side and wants what is best for YOU is a truth that is easily forgotten. 
Doesn't it feel like the tides of life are against you sometimes? Remember that when that occurs, it is not our Lord, but the devil (again). At those moments it's critical to recall and know that God is on the sidelines of our lives ... cheering with the biggest megaphone and loving us more than we can imagine! How impowering!
God is for you, NOT against you!

My prayer is that in 2015 God will deliver inspirational words in your head at just the right time. 
Jesus is the giver of peace beyond all understanding.
 He provides footsteps that only go forward.

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