Monday, December 22, 2014

Time Killers

Rest for two weeks... doctor's orders. 
Okay, then. For me, this is an out-of-balance challenge! 
I have come up with ways to kill time while I'm stagnant.
The 1000 piece puzzle starts today.  Being that I love candy, this particular puzzle sweetly clicked. It's all old candy boxes and wrappers. The six foot "puzzle lab-table"  is set up and ready to be hunched over.  Puzzling seemed like a good way to kill time over the next couple weeks.  Any local friends who want to slow it waaaay down this busy Christmas week, please come on over and puzzle with me :)
The 1000 piece puzzle takes one piece at a time
Seeing movies galore will kill time too! 
Last night we watched the final Hobbit movie, "The Battle of the Five Armies." Talk about violent! Heads chopped off left and right, Orcs killed, Elves tossed away, Dwarfs beaten and Wizards tortured. Unless, you are a die-hard Hobbit fan, it may not be the pick-of-the-week for ya. Thumbs down from me, but it received three thumbs up from my guys. You be the judge :)
Hmmmm, I am in search of mellow-time killers to see me through the next two weeks. There is always blogging to take up a Chunk O'Down-Time. That will be an interesting time filler. I have saved many pictures in my "Things that make me laugh" file, and various stuff in my "Inspirational" file.
 Get ready to chuckle and feel warm and fuzzy.
After cruising Blanche around Gilbert, Arizona
May I tell you what absolutely will NOT be happening? 
Unicycle riding. 
Por Que? No es posible!
  Side note: Did I mentioned that we hauled Blanche to Arizona over Thanksgiving?  Riding a unicycle there sounded wonderful because roads are flat and wide.  I enjoyed a cruise on Thanksgiving morning. Folks were out in full-moving force, riding bikes, walking dogs and running. There was much "unicycle encouragement" from passers by... including that guy who started singing loud circus music from his yard. That was a first!
For now, Old Blanche sits in the garage instead of our living room, as it will be a couple months before I can ride. Oddly, my unicycle is  the very thing that inspires me to write. I will need to find other ways to get the creative juices flowing. Until then, I will chillax, build a puzzle, and hang around just killing time.

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