Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Re-Cap

Naughty or Nice?
A highlight on Christmas Eve is a visit from Santa Claus. He arrives amongst  jingling bells and carols led by Overboard!  Our friend Tom has been suiting up in character for as long as I can remember. He was the first Santa Claus my children ever met. In 1999, when Santa Tom jingled through our yard and into the Christmas party, Lucas, who was three, ran inside to the fireplace, pulled down his stocking and scurried it outside, offering it up to Santa Tom.
 How cute is THAT?
Aunt Cindy, Cousins Marinna and John
 Yes, the Red Suit means magic for little ones.
Nephew Benson is the only believer these days, but the nineteen other people there Christmas Eve watched his reaction and remembered the joy of being a believer.
Christmas morning is fun with our two non-believing teenagers. For the past five years we have held a treasure hunt for them to find their gifts. Being that they know most of their gifts, "The Hunt" sprinkles a little kid-magic into the morning. So, after we read the story of the birth of Jesus from the Bible, we set them loose with the first clue:
"This open and closes six days a week."
Can you figure out where the clue was hidden? 
The mailbox.
From the mailbox, they were sent to "Go to the bowels of Mordor."
 Yes, this clue was brought to you by my Hobbit loving husband. The answer was the BBQ and the kids immediately knew where to look. I had no idea, but whatever. They share a language.
This year we created the most challenging hunt at their request. They love to be stumped and to run around having to think clues through. It's fun for us to sip coffee from the couch and watch them shuffle frantically around, as if they are being timed.  The final clue led them to our closet, as it is one of the few places that can hide a seven-string-electric guitar and skateboard ramp.
After the hunt, we we head up to Overboard's house for breakfast and to open more gifts. Benson loved the Legos we gave him, but not as much as the matching scarf set we gifted Miss Piggy, Lui and their kid-dog Cinco. I think they liked their winter accessories and will get some use from them now that Southern California is on the cold side. 
Cold to us, anyway.
The most thoughtful gifts I received were from Teckie. Along with The Carpenters Christmas CD and "The key to his heart" was this rock with the word "Relax" carved in it. 
 I need to relax and we all know it. 
RELAX is exactly what I have done since surgery. I have another small surgery tomorrow, so you bet this coming week will hold the same ... puzzles, napping and movies.
Today I watched "Get On Up."  
Tonight it's "Homesman, 
and tomorrow's feature is "Unbroken."
Actually, being forced to relax has been a good experience. 
A blessing. 
 I hope to incorporate more of this sort of thing into 2015 :)

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