Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans, Grandmas and Free Dreams

Today is Veteran's Day! 
A day to thank to all those who have fought to defend and maintain America's many freedoms. These people are blessings, every one of them.
Here's a photo of my favorite vet, my father-in-law, may he rest in peace.
Freedom isn't free :)

Dying for your country is huge; the ultimate sacrifice.
Speaking of death..... 

Attending a funeral yesterday was a wonderful reminder that:
A) This life is temporary.
B) I want to die when I am old. By that, I mean, not young. 
C) The greatest blessings in life are health, family and love.
When attending a funeral for an elderly person, there is a sense that this is "the way" life is supposed to wind down; of old age ... one's body giving out because of so much "life-living" for eighty-nine years. That's how it went yesterday. Teckie and I were honored to be there for our brother-in-law, Lui, and to celebrate the life of his Grandma Esther. She was an obedient God-loving woman who  was filled with deep love and family values. 
  Esther's eternal life of peace has begun, her earthly life officially ended.

Can I share something that has not ended yet?
 Lucas's callback audition in Hollywood.
 These things are always a long shot, but dreams are free!  Dream Big, I say! Until there is a definite NO involved, let's have fun with it... 
let's dream "the call" arrives!
Commercial or not, memories were made and Lucas survived the ride to/from  Los Angeles with a male-seventeen-year-old driver at the wheel.  That is something we've purposely avoided because big-city drivers are crazy and unpredictable ... AND SO ARE male teen drivers.  Bad mix!
This knowledge is backed by statistics and gained from personal experience!

As I enjoy this day off from work, I am thankful for all of our Veterans, the life of Grandma Esther and fact that Dreams are Free!

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