Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Thidbits

Welcome To Thursday Thidbits, the alternative to Friday Fragments.
It's "the path to make you thmile and bring you up to thpeed on Unithycle Roths' adventhures."

Turkey Day is ONE WEEK from today.
 This holiday of food, football and family is so much fun,
 unless you are a  turkey:
Speaking of good food?
Tuesday is meatball-sandwich-hot-lunch day at school, and it's my pleasure to be "the policing lunch lady."  How fun to watch the K-3 crowd negotiate the meatballs/sauce in sandwich form.  It's even cuter, after I send them to the bathroom to wash up, they return thinking that "they got it all." Not even close. Could you imagine returning to the office, looking like this? 
Oh, to be a kid again!
Yes, staying young at heart takes effort and
we do our best to do just that over here.
 You know it's true...
 You will find more happiness
 in growing down not up.
We cancelled our plans to play in Santa Barbara last weekend and caroused with Daniel instead. It was a bummer to miss our biking adventures with Miss Piggy and  Lui, however hanging out with our fourteen-year-old son was totally enjoyable sans the brewery! The three of us saw St. Vincent (a must see,  if any part of you is Catholic), then clowned around on skateboards and unicycle out front in the dark.
Like kids. 
Teckie avoided breaking bones while Daniel was fine tuning his "ollie." That is a skateboarding trick where the rider and board leap into the air without the use of the rider's hands. 
Crazy, huh? He's got it down too!

As for Current Events? I saw this and cracked up, thinking of my beautiful, successful, single 39 year-old cousin, Nina. She would love nothing more than to settle down. However, she won't compromise and perhaps that's a good thing considering the inventory.
Last week I found this "note" in my inbox and wondered if someone was playing a joke on me. I scratched my head and thought maybe ... maybe not? Perhaps this a true opportunity to help a fellow unicycle-riding-Christian-gal. I can't imagine there are many of us; we should really stick together.

"Hi, I'm Heather  from Iowa. I am a 16 years old and began riding the unicycle in the 4th grade. I follow your blog and love hearing about your family, unicycling, and stuff. Recently I've been asked to share the Gospel at my church during the Operation Christmas Child event. But get this!--through my unicycling! I'm kinda lacking idea's on how I can do that. I look up to your faith in God and the stuff you say so I thought maybe you could give me some ideas or inspire something. haha sorry I hope this isn't creepy :/
Thanks for your encouraging and inspiring blog:) 
Not creepy! 
At. All.
 I scratched my chinny-chin-chin and came up with ideas to share and wrote her back. 
Now,  I have a unicycling-Christian-teenage-friend in Iowaof all the places! 
Is Iowa THE "potato state?"
 Or, is that Idaho?
I get my "I" states confused.
 Either way, the email blessed me in a BIG way 
(Smile on face with rosy cheeks).
Thanks Heather from Iowa!
Final Thidbit:
Spending time in various doctor's offices, I laughed at this cartoon. 
A dread of mine is standing (with two feet) on my doc's scale. Wearing lightweight clothes, and wondering if the scale is "calibrated" I squint as I step on. Mostly because I can't see up close without "cheaters," AKA reading glasses.
Am I the only one who doesn't look forward to the "mandatory weigh in?"

Happy Thursday before Thanksgiving everyone!

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