Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Thidbits

Do you recall my Thursday Thidbits that started in July 2013? 
Well, they're baaaack! 
Not in a poltergeist way, but Charlie Brown sort of way.  If you need the back story on what this means, please read my explanation from 2013:
 "Many bloggers post "Friday Fragments" and I've always liked the random writing style. Therefore, I have created "Thursday Thidbits" (not tidbits, because keeping "TH's" in the title appealed to me). I know, it sounds like you have a lisp when you say "Thursday Thidbits."
Try it. 
Thee what I mean? It's thorta fun.
Get the idea? It's an excuse to unload what's spinning around in life or sprinkle inspiration on Thursday, instead of Friday. There really is no difference in Friday Fragments or Thursday Thidbits ... except for the lisp.
Tho, there ya go!
 My can rode on Blanche yesterday afternoon, new wheel and all, for the second time this week. The fresh tire makes the ride a bit squirrely, but I'll adjust. I stopped/slipped off Blanche and took this picture as Mr. Sun was going down. 
"My what a big shadow you have!"
This silly picture features my dream legs, all long and show-girl-like, next to what looks like one of those "Big Momma" 36-incher unicycles.  I'd love one of those! Mounting it would be impossible, but it' fun to imagine.
There was mucho encouragement yesterday afternoon too. Some unicycle rides are just like that. I heard a "That's awesome," received  some waves, and one lady saw me from inside her house and ran out. She started to cheer me on from the street! Perhaps she was drinking? Either way, I appreciated it! It reminds me how powerful and uplifting our words are, even to a stranger.
So, be careful little mouth what you say. 
Anyone remember that song? 
 My unicycle plan is to "keep on keeping on" riding longer distances on Blanche. It is quite fun and the cooler weather feels great. There is a possible "medical glitch" that might spoil the January half-marathon. However, it's not going to slow me down, not yet, anyway.
Finally, I could not resist purchasing The Wiener Sisters holiday wear. They were due for a wardrobe change, the Santa suits were getting old. I dress them up in December a couple times.  I'm not sure they enjoy it as much as we do.
So THAT is Thursday Thidbits
It wasn't tho bad, wuth it?
Teckie hinted that I clear something up regarding my flat tire last week.  He purchased the new tire and tube and replaced it all by himself.  He did NOT "drop it off at the bike shop" as incorrectly reported. He deserves the "credit" (is anyone keeping track?) He did a stellar job. Thank you!

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