Saturday, November 8, 2014

Flat Happens

Not even close to reaching my goal of riding Blanche 12 miles this week, I forced myself up early this morning for a cruise. It was not easy. I am in a unicycle slump! I realized that the last time I rode my unicycle in a half-marathon I was ten pounds lighter and three years younger! That seems to be making a difference.
 There is this determined part of me that is full of vigor, optimism and energy (insert big-winking smile here). Then there's this other old-lady-part inside who feels fat and aged. She is a negative nag (enter frustrated face here).
  Those two are battling in my head.
Does that ever happen to you? 
At mile three on my ride today, I hopped off to find my tire losing air right before my sore thighs.
 Two burs punctured Blanche and she was melting, unicycle-style, like the witch at the end of The Wizard of Oz! I walked Droopy back home and Teckie took her into the bike shop for a new tube and tire. She's a whole-new single wheelie! 
Youthful, positve me is leaping inside.
The old lady part still feels flat.
Why yes, I AM feeling out of balance at the moment.
Hey, it happens :

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