Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Does It Belong In November?

There is so much to share on our home front. But, let's start with some fourth grade musings. Then, we will move on to surfing raccoons. I mean ... surfing and raccoons. But first, working in fourth grade. The students picked, then cut out "Ye' Old Cornucopia" fillings.  Pumpkin was their favorite choice and that foreign large fruit with hard skin and funny name, Gourdy? He was reject by all. Not one kid chose a gourd. Would you, if you were nine?
This belongs in November, for sure!
They wrote what they are thankful for on their cut-out and we created an abundant cornucopia with inspirational Bible verse hanging above. It's displayed on our door and a wonderful reminder what this month IS all about, blessing! Thankfulness for blessings = November

Let me be clear that a raccoon  does not qualify as a blessing. Here's why.
 They want to attack The Wiener Sisters.
And, if you know me, you know how much I love my doggies!
This sweet critter belongs in November, and every other month of the year :)
At four AM on Monday morn, I awoke to Sara and Goldie barking like crazy. Half asleep, I let them out and they ran to the side of the house and were barking at something against our shed.  It was dark, so I shushed them back into the house.
Minutes later they were still going berserk. I  closed off the doggie-door from our garage to the outside, thinking they could bark all they wanted, but not get out into yard with whatever was out there.  Alas, I could go back to sleep!
A minute later? Hissing, growling and intense barking/fighting was in full swing. It sounded horrible. I ran back, flipped on the garage lights to find a raccoon. Yes, I unknowingly locked a pissed-off raccoon INTO the garage with our dogs! I freaked out in fear and started screaming LOUD for help and for them to stop fighting.
 I didn't want to touch it. It was VERY angry. So were Sara and Goldie.
 All I could think of was the scene in Elf, "Does somebody need a hug"?
 No thank you!
I panicked. My screams were blood curdling enough to wake everyone up. They ran in half asleep thinking I was being attacked.  They corralled our dogs and kicked the raccoon out. All were shaken up.
Thankfully, Goldie escaped with a only a cut on her neck and ears. Sara is fine. Last night, My Teckie "set the trap" (best investment ever as over the years it has caught many opossums, squirrels and our cat, Boo Boo). The stupid raccoon returned and took the bait.
 Did you know it is illegal to catch a raccoon and/or kill it? I think that's ridiculous. That nasty thing could have shred my dog in seconds! Thank goodness we have two dogs to overwhelm it! Now, I would have no problem "doing it in" (as they say in the mafia)  but Teckie would have none of it. So, we had a caged raccoon in our front yard until Daniel and I set it free late this afternoon in farm land. He darted out of the trap and ran up into a tree. Good Riddence.
On a "rainbows and unicorns" kind of note, Daniel hopped back in the Pacific Ocean after a three-month-arm-cast-induced-surf break. He was giddy with excitement. The weather was amazing at four o'clock on a Monday and he pretty much had the beach to himself. It was gorgeous out!  So "vacation-like" and picture perfect with the Channel Islands in the background ... a creamy-orange-pink sunset and palm trips framed him paddling to catch the next wave. 
Now THAT felt like a blessing and it belongs in November.
Today, I hit up Target for sympathy cards and  various "what-nots." It was more of "should-nots" but mucho was on sale, so I had to make unexpected purchases.  I found this darling pumpkin polka-dot decorating kit. It was justified because Halloween is behind us and it sounded fun and crafty to update our big-honkin-pumpkin in 
"Harvest Chic!"
 This belongs in November. Agree?
Please do, as I live with three guys and they could care less. Not one of them have noticed it and it is THE first thing seen when you enter our house. 
 We covered a lot of ground in this post and I didn't even  tell you about Lucas's band audition for a commercial in Hollywood today. Here is his "head shot" we made last minute.  We are not professionals, as the shadow in picture proves. But, we had fun and he made a fantastic memory with his buddies. 
 I also didn't explain why I skipped my unicycle ride today. I was doing so good! This time change is throwing off my game. I seriously want to go to bed at seven ... I mean, the sun goes down at five now! It doesn't inspire my inner unicyclist, at all. 
"Farumph" to that!
 Hopefully, motivation will arrive soon. 
 Until then, I'll enjoy the abundant blessings "that do belong 
in November."

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