Friday, October 17, 2014

The Real 20th

One last 20th anniversary plug and then we can put this monkey to bed. I promise.
Despite all this early-Maui celebrating, last Wednesday, October 15th is the REAL day we were married and I did the usual. Pulling out our pink-ten-pound wedding album evokes many feelings. Like, why is it so heavy and why would I choose a pink-colored album? Am I five?

 Every year the Big Book is reopened, another 365 days of marital ups and downs are included in the pages, but laughter and joy mark the memories of that day.
Joy? Yes! 
Would you take a a looksy at my taut skin and tiny waist? 
Joy because we are so young and in love.  We don't know any better than to be  plain-old-happy! Well, everybody in the album appears joy-filled, no one more so than my parents! When I count sixteen people from that day have died, there is still a deep joy that they were able to share in our day. We were young enough to have all "the oldies, but goodies" still alive and present; Grandpas Frank and Vito, Little Mas and Grandma Katherine, Aunt Lena and Aunt Frances to name a handful. Not to mention my Father-in-law "Big Ralph, Sr." and Cousin Larry who have unexpectedly moved on.
Laughter? Yes! 
Because I remember all the happenings of that Fall day. Giggles take over when I remember how terribly nervous my groom was, how big my dress, and the many relatives Overboard invited that I really didn't know who they were. The Big Fat Italian Wedding rides again!  I smile big because ours was the first wedding for my family and everyone was behind it and ecstatic leading up to October 15, 1994.  When it finally did arrive, all were dancing like crazy ... booties were-a-shaken. Nobody stopped until the reception had officially ended. 
 Even then, half the wedding kept it going at Alexandria's, a bar/restaurant that was adjacent to our reception in Ventura.  Not us though.  We were leaving early the next day for our Ixtapa honeymoon. But, we've heard "the stories."
The baby-faced man in these photos reminds me of that handsome, sweet Southern boy I feel in love with. He said things like "Aw,Shoot" "Shucks!" and "Fiddle Sticks!" (still does).
Our Honeymoon in Ixtapa
Twenty years ago, we were just puppies, and so clueless about the gravity of marriage.  It's a game-changer, for sure.  Our youthful looks and naivete are gone now. Wrinkles, mortgage payments and children have replaced them. This wedding album reminds us how far we have come and what a blessing it is to grow old together!
We rented a jet ski in Mexico and it broke down, not once, but twice. Stranded out
in the ocean, they had to zip us out a working one.
 We actually went through
three  different jet skis that day.
Only in Mexico, right? Si!
Okay, that concludes the "Twenty Year Anniversary Tribute." 
Sorry if it dragged on.
 I can't help it - I am genuinely thankful and happy that we are still together and healthy -- two decades later. PTL!

Cheers to 20 more :)

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