Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The joy of sore-healthy legs.

I rode my unicycle four miles, two days in a row! 
I recall why that is NOT a good idea when your body is not "unicycle ready." I am sore in the inner legs and can!  Taking days off in between rides is critical. Ask my legs. 

So, I took a Unicycle Sabbath. 
No riding. Must heal. 
Try again tomorrow? Perhaps.

I have been thinking that my legs work and I'm healthy -- so it feels like I should get back on Blanche and GO! Life changes so fast, the voice inside says to enjoy the simple gift of working legs.
Speaking of that, I was lucky enough to spend time with one of my favorite family peeps. She just received a phone-nee, or faux-knee, or phony.... okay, a knee replacement. While in rehab, I surprised her with a visit. The light of love and compassion shines through Patty Lu like the most beautiful of sunsets. She doesn't even have to try. She is a natural born encouraging-tender-hearted-fighter! I look forward to supporting her while she puts that new-knee to work.
Did I mention  what a contraption her leg was locked in? It was slowly rotating like a rotisserie chicken. 
Seeing her knee-machine, I thought of Dr. Seuss. This knee-fixer attached to her leg was like a "Borfin" that goes "shlump in the night." Remember, Poor Mr. Bix every morning at six? Poor Mr. Bix has a Borfin to fix. It just doesn't seem fair, it just doesn't seem right, his borfin just seems to go shlump in the night?

Honestly, I loooove the good Doctor Seuss. 
Good Lordy, I am having a rush of Dr. Seuss memories in the middle of this post. Ya know, sometime in the late 1970's I memorized the entire book "Did I ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?" Mr. Potter and Mr. Bix were two favs.
 (Perhaps more on that later) 

Now, back to functioning legs and Sweet Patty Lu's knee replacement. 
Our visit reminded me what a blessing it is to have short healthy legs! My glorious God-made-stilts are attached to extra wide hips that all work together in healthy unison.  How could I NOT consider pushing them through a half-marathon?  You know, they may not always work like I want them too. Ask Patty Lu, who played tennis like a pro "back in the day!"
So, Yes! 
I'm still considering riding Blanche in the January half-marathon. I mentioned the race/ride to my BIL, (brother-in-law) Lui. 

 I am hoping he might run in it, like we trained for years ago.
 Remember the Camarillo half-marathon was cancelled in October 2011? 
 Of course you don't! 
And then...
 Then, it was  PUSHED back three months! 
We decided to not go on as we were all "trained-out" and VERY disappointed. I was sad ... all that unicycle-work for nada. 

For today, let's focus on the blessings right under you and me. 
I thank God for working-sore legs and pray for Patty Lu's speedy recovery.
 That is enough for now ;0)

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