Monday, October 27, 2014

Serious Unicycle Business

Did I mention that I retired my corny-broken-15-year-old bike helmet?   I recall how fun it was to "bling and pimp-it-Unicycle-Rose-style" years ago. Laughing at the thought of those red, white and blue star stickers with my silver-sparkling name on the side (since faded), I realize this relic can never be upstaged. Nor should it. The new one has an awesome-snug fit. My melon feels simple and safer now!

Friday afternoon Teckie and I did a four-mile run/ride. It's been a while since trying to keep my unicycle pedals  going as fast as his long legs can run. Being that I had clocked 12 miles for the week, I was able to keep up, most of the time. Wouldn't it be fun to train with Teckie for a half-marathon? Rolling alongside him and chatting when possible (breathing has priority) could make for interesting marital dynamics.  I wonder if we would drive each other crazy, like couples who work together? 

I mentioned it to him and he didn't say
"no thanks" as he has to past invitations.
My goal this week (and everyone needs a goal - or life stagnates like an atrophied leg) is to ride 12-16 miles again. If I can meet that goal ... "Pleased to meet you Mr. Goal " (I envision shaking hands with a smiling diploma while introducing myself) then it might be time to sign up for the half-marathon. Then! Then, I must get down to "serious unicycle business!"

Wait, is that an oxymoron? Those three words don't belong in the same sentence, unless ... one owns a bike shop that specializes in stocking and selling unicycles, not for clowns. Then, yes, that would be serious unicycle business. It would be best to say that if this week's goal is attained, long-distance-one-wheelie-training can officially begin! For today, this is not serious unicycle business, just a four-mile ride in my new helmet.

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