Tuesday, October 7, 2014

No vacuuming in Maui

Waiting at the American Airlines  gate we  are forthy minutes until boarding for Maui. Despite three cups of coffee, I'm pooped. My caffeine head is awake and I am thinking about how aweome it is that my sister, Miss Piggy, will be watching the kids/house.  She let me know that she might organize and clean house, and I would LOVE that. Cleaning is her therapy, although I don't understand it. The cleaning that I do and enjoy is vacuuming.

Pushing the vacuum is sort of satisfying as you hear the dust and particles being swooped up. It's like mowing the lawn where you see immediate results once you have rolled over the grass. Vacuuming also breaks a sweat which I  like most of the time. I often take my shirt off and vacuum in my bra because  it's sweaty. I do this only when I am home alone, or at least think I am. There was that time years  ago when I was in the hall vacuuming, in shorts and bra, and I missed the doorbell ring.  My Dad just walked on into my house and follwed the sound of the vaccuum. I screamed, thinking "intruder" and he shrieked thinking "shirtless daughter." Rest assured that I lock my front door before I vaccuum in my bra,  and Dad  hasn't  "walked on in" since.

A happy  thought is that there will be no vaccuming in Maui. Just feet up, suntan lotion and adventuraous spirit on thick and  lots of kissing  in paradise.

Time to board, Aloha!
PS. THANK YOU Miss Piggy for love and  help :)

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