Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mommas Love Their Babies

 Last night was Hospice Supper Club and
 I always make quiche for my 91-year-old friend. 

 Hospice asked me  to cook for another family. I said yes, however, baking  three quiches at once was a lot of work ... because each has different ingredients due to dietary restrictions.  I know that my regular-old friend looks forward to her quiche, so I was torn. I hate to let people down. Especially the old ones.
Saved by the nuts :)

After mental debate I decided to make a Vat O'Chili! Turkey chili to be exact. I was sure she wouldn't care, plus  I thought of her in Maui and brought her a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. 

Upon arriving with chili, I asked how she was doing. She paused, slumped and said "not good." She explained that her 65-year-old son just died. Then, she said what every Mother thinks ... "a child isn't supposed to die before their parent." I could tell she was in the dumps so I "loved on" her. She told me sweet stories about him and even had me follow her to the hallway to see various old photos on the wall. That made her sorrow so real to me. Especially the picture of her son at 11 months, in his crib, big baby smile on his round face and Mickey Mouse wallpaper in the background. Though we are 35 years apart, in that moment, we were the same ... just two Mothers who love their babies.
 I needed a Kleenex too.
Much more happened, but, in a (macadamia) nut shell, I stopped by today unannounced (yes a "drop in" ... she LOVED IT) to share persimmons. She has enjoyed persimmons her whole life and that happens to be THE one thing that we are bursting with this time of year. Seeing her happy makes me happy.
 It's contagious. 

When God gives you persimmons, share them.
 What else?
Earlier today I rode, walked and fell with Blanche for 6 miles today. Scraped up my knee good, although nothing hurts more than my ego
when I fall on my face, or knees.
Training takes time, right?
I have a ways to go to get my macaroni-shaky legs prepared! Lucas and I scooted up north to tour UC Santa Barbara this afternoon. Spending a chunk of time with him is always fun. He is full of light, so creative and is blessed with humor in abundance.
Pleasantly busy, it was a good day.
 Especially to remember and appreciate that
our children mean so much.... no matter how old or young they are.
Here or not.
Mommas love their babies.

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