Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Maui, Part 4

Surprise! There is a part four!
 Anything to avoid unpacking. 
Mornings in Haiku we awoke to the raucous singing of tropical birds.  However, the last morning we awoke to rain. Pouring, pounding, tropical rain. Do you know how long it has been since I've seen, heard and smelled that wet stuff? I videotaped over a minute and thirty seconds of that glorious rain. 

Wait for the rainbow, I thought. 
I stood on the patio in my robe and trusted a rainbow would arrive. 
Before we left, Beverly (our host),  came over and offered to take pictures of us in all the green lush and we didn't even ask! I have pictures of Teckie and he has many of me, but together? Nada mucho!
On our way to the airport we stopped to do souvenir shopping. There was nada of that so far and we were now leaving! This trip was made possible because of friends and family who watched our kids and kept their lives rolling. And, it wasn't a regular week.  Jenny flew in from Arizona. Lucas and she went to the Homecoming football game, dance, and on Sunday was the Music Department's Food Truck Event. My parents and sisters went along and made it a family affair (Lucas HAD TO SELL ten tickets. Or else). 

 Daniel stayed at a buddy's house four school nights last week. He moved-on-in; God bless our friends! Miss Piggy wore many hats over the weekend.  Chaperon, chauffeur, cook, dog-sitter and housekeeper to name a few. Overboard took the caboose shift and slept over Sunday night and carted Daniel to and from school. Macadamia nuts and coffee don't express the appreciation I have for what they collectively did.  
But, it's a start.
NOW ... about that unpacking ...

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