Monday, October 13, 2014

Maui, Part 3

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. I Corinthians 13:7
I loved this fitting verse that was delivered to my inbox today. Perfect words to start this final Maui post with.
Love never gives up!

Our first day here we decided to get out and check the local sights. Heading to Ho'okipa Lookout, it was crowded. Ho'okipa Beach Park is located on Maui's North Shore alongside the Hana Highway. The waves were breaking 12-15 feet and  many surfers were able to negotiate that power and  provide a show. Not only surfers, but kite surfers and windsurfers catching MAJOR air, floating through the sky like the Green Goblin Glider in Spiderman.  They WERE SERIOUSLY suspended 20 feet up and riding the wind like a leaf falling UP in Autumn. It's like nothing we've ever seen before.

 All this Ho'okipa Lookout action left us hungry.

So we drove our Ford Focus to Paia Town. This has become a laid back place with local businesses and a coexistence between longtime residents and those attracted by the area’s surf.  The blend of shops, boutiques, and restaurants that make up Paia has become a destination, nestled along some of Maui’s best beaches and still surrounded by sugar cane. Lots of sugar cane :)
We were hungry and headed to "Charley's." This is the hub for musicians to stop in and resident, Willie Nelson, is a regular. Apparently he gives free concerts when in town. We ate our Linner -- as we have been eating at 4PM here. Not lunch, not dinner. 

There was this ginormous guitar that is a replica of Willie Nelson's beloved guitar named "Trigger"... after Roy Rogers dog. Biggest geeee-tar I have ever seen!
Later that afternoon we returned  to watch the surfers (again) and catch the sunset. While there, a local guy, working out of the back of his truck,  walked up and handed us a large coconut with a bamboo straw. Inside was "straight-up" coconut water. Then he handed us another "younger" coconut.  We hung out there and enjoyed this guy hacking up coconuts and  passion fruit for visitors.... tips accepted.

I asked him "Where did you grow up?"
He answered, "I haven't grown up yet, but I was born in ....."
While sipping we again watched  the crashing waves and surfers riding them like a speed train.  We met a couple, married four years (that is a topic wherever we go on Maui) from Sacramento, CA. They were young and adventurous ... we enjoyed our coconut-water-Hawaiian happy hour with them ... no rum needed :)
Oh, and then the sunset arrived over Molokai. It looked heaven sent and left us speechless. God is alive and evident in this breathtaking natural beauty.

Yesterday morning we stayed close by.
I admit that we spent time watching some NFL because my Teckie WAS still in THE Survivor Football pool -- then the Cinncinati Bengals tied in overtime and that equals a loss. He's OUT! Uncle Dave is one of six survivors left and we are depending on him to wrap it up with a big win.
Then, we walked around the property/neighborhood we are staying in. I went crazy taking pictures of the flora and fauna. We picked passion fruit, saw pineapple and bananas weighted down the tree like too many keys in your pocket. The flowers seemed fake; nothing can be THAT beautifully perfect, can it? We walked up as far as we could go, sweating the entire way due to the humidity. Gorgeous and sticky.

  Of course,  I took time to stop and smell the Plumerias along the way.  They are "THE smell" of Hawaii, as far as I'm concerned.
On top of the world, yeah!

At the mountain peak we had a near 180 degree view of Maui!  Still speechless and sticky, we stood there scheming how we could eventually move to Haiku. Longshot, I know ... but "Dreams are Free," right?
Upon arriving home, we ate the fruits, after I photographed them.
LOL! So pretty.
 Inside the Passion fruit is this sweet-slimy-goo with seeds. It is tart and seems like fruit from the Garden of Eden. Passion fruit ... Very exotic and it was so fun to pick our own. 

And, sniff. sniff. sniff.
 ... that brings us to our last afternoon here. We popped the final bottle of champagne. After mentally chewing on where to eat Linner, we decided to go back to Charley's in Paia. It was THAT good! We both ordered the same thing:) 
Here is our "final cheers" to staying married for 20 years. If you have lasted two decades you know the ups and downs are many in sharing one life. The growing intimacy, friendship and renewed love each year  feels ... well, wonderful!
 An accomplishment.
A miracle.
  We didn't stop moving toward each other (or more importantly God) when the road was rocky. That's not easy to do, as statistics show! This amazing Maui trip has been a fitting way to honor our 20 year marriage and commitment.

The Bible Verse I started with says it best:
Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. --1Corinthians 13:7

Bottom line?
Love never gives up :)

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