Saturday, October 11, 2014

Maui, Part 2

The rainforest hike on Thursday was AMAZING!  We saw four waterfalls in six hours traipsing through rugged, beautiful rainforest, learning about different plants and tasting exotic fruit straight from the tree.
Engagement photos all over again. The back-drop
looks fake, like a Sear's portrait. But it's not :) 
The highlight for me was jumping from a twenty-foot waterfall.  I was terrified when I climbed to the top, actually shaking as I looked down. For a minute, I considered chickening out. However, my impulsive side became an asset (finally). I said a quick prayer and took a leap of faith.  Wow, totally free falling and my Teckie caught it all on video. Which, is great because I don't think I want to try that again.
After this unforgettable day, we returned with tired feet and picked up a delivery at the front desk.  A Bit O' The Bubbly with a sweet card from my parents, blisters and BILS (brother-in-laws) awaited us. What a thoughtful surprise! That is how they roll. We popped that bottle in the fridge to enjoy at our next stop.
CHEERS, clink!
Liquid Aloha :)

We spent our last night in historic Lahaina (after a long nap - the darn time change!) we visited the Old Banyan Tree which covers over an acre and was planted from one single see hundreds of years ago. These trees have the ability to slowly spread, twisting and growing out. This one takes up a city block. Amazing!
While strolling under this never-ending  tree, I told my Teckie it was starting to rain (again). A look at my arm affirmed that only bird-poo was raining. Ewww!
Yesterday morning we went swimming at 7AM because we hadn't enjoyed the beach in front of our condo, and we had to check-out at 11! It was so warm and tropical - cliché, but truth. While swimming in the warm-blue-jello, we spotted a head or coconut floating in the ocean. That's what it look like so far away. Teckie swam out and retrieved the coconut. So Hawaii, right?
Good Morning and Good-Bye Lahaina!
Yesterday, we arrived in a small village in the northern part of Maui,  and it is home to Ho'okipa Beach, also known as the windsurfing capital of the world. It's a different vibe from crowded Lahaina - it's rustic, local and we are staying in a secluded B&B retreat called the Tradewinds. We were greeted with more champagne and the most beautiful Maui flowers.
 It has a private outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna and a hammock we can't stop swinging in. We can walk through the jungle areas of the property to pick fresh fruit that I've never heard. And Haleakala, the Maui volcano, is to our left. We are in the middle of no-where, with exotic birds and lush greenery all around.
For breakfast we ate the biggest papaya I have ever seen!
 Delicious! We are happy to do nothing today. Or something. Not sure yet.

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