Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ditch "The Shoulds"

There are many things I "should" be doing to prepare for our trip. I hate having a bad case of "The Shoulds." It robs me of simple joys, like blogging, because I'm burdened by obligation. So ... I am rebelling and sharing this weekend. Then, I will get back to doing more than just "mentally pack" for Maui.  
The fun started out Friday night with our friend, Bill, who was turning 49 years-young on Saturday. I have known this amazing guy since I was thirteen, so no matter what happens, he will always hold a special place in my heart. He played Santa Claus at our family Christmas party many moons ago. I sat on his Santa-lap with his fit teenage-boy legs under the red suit. Over the years we have shared priceless family memories, vacations, kid-raising, cocktails, loads of inside jokes and countless laughs. He is a unique, one-of-a-kinder that makes this world a better place. We couldn't let his birthday sneak by without recognition....
Cheers and best wishes Bill, Clink!

Friday night, he turned us on to our new favorite ice cream place. Remember the Thrifty Ice Cream Counter?  I assumed that heavenly place was long gone with Sav-on Drug Stores, Alpha Beta markets and Sprouse Ritz (with its amazing candy counter).
 But Lo!  
Cheap ice cream in those funky cylinder-scoop shapes is alive in our little town, hidden inside Rite Aid! I had no idea. And, it tastes just a wonderful as it did thirty years ago.  Muy,muy bueno :)
But wait, there's more. 

I loved that scoop of blueberry frozen yogurt "ice cream" soooo much that after buying Lucas's clothes for the homecoming dance on Saturday, I had to share this ageless-hot-spot with him. Like his father, this kid is coo-coo for ice cream. Despite his skinny frame, he packs bowls of ice cream away more often than he showers. I knew he would certainly appreciate being introduced to THE Thrifty Ice Cream Counter. His words leaving there were "This totally seems like a place that Bill would know about." 
Thanks Bill for the tip of the year :)
 "We'll be back"  (Terminator).
Last night I spent time with my blisters,  AKA: sisters. 
Miss Piggy is back from her three week Italy/France trip and had loads of pictures and great stories to share. Thanks Overboard for "pulling dinner out of your chef hat" and tossing an amazing Italian pesto pasta and "big green salad" dinner together. (There can never be too much of the greens. We have to cancel out that pasta some way). Last night Overboard's gift of cooking was exercised, many stories shared  AND  I got to see my favorite niece-dog Cinco again! She was extremely happy to see me, jumping up and licking me  (she did not piddle as usual). That big welcome made me feel loved. Few respond to me that way, so Ill take it. 
Here we are at Sunday already! Daniel has been requesting a beach trip and I promised him this weekend we would get out there so he could "fill up." So, after church we headed to Ventura. It was "vacation beautiful" on the coast, perfectly hot and there was a 5K ALS walk taking place down the boardwalk. Seeing that parade is one way to appreciate good health. There were teams of folks wearing matching shirts to support who they were pushing in the wheelchair. So touching and colorful!!!! It made me want to cheer for them when we passed. So, I did. Daniel started to join when he began to understand what was happening. 

Before I head back to "The Shoulds," I leave you  with the universal truth that is pressing in the front of this head O' mine.  
Good health is everything!
 If you have it, Praise God! If you are reaching for it, Praise God! The result is that we  all Praise God for giving us our daily bread to pull through another day on Earth!
Peace, hugs and keep the balance :)

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