Friday, September 5, 2014

The NFL Advantage

Evidence of NFL football starting is felt in season change, pre-season games, and increased beer, Viagra and sports car ads. Another clue?  Football pools and fantasy football teams have formed. My Teckie and I bought spots in the pool I won last year. It is coordinated through I love the name of that website. Surely employers everywhere cringe at that name :)

This year there are 62 spots sold, so if one person wins, it will be a $1550 pot! 

Like last year, I bought one spot and managed to win 8X what I invested (there were 3 winners). This year, I noted that many folks in the pool have purchased 2-4 spots. The upside for them is that there is wiggle room for picking the wrong team in this suicide pool.  Only having one spot, verses folks with spots-galore, shouldn't bother me because I have something that NOT ONE of those other participants have:
 My bright-yellow-lucky NFL cap. 
When I say yellow, I mean, a fluorescent-lemon-colored yellow. Not my first color choice, or second, or third.  But, this was a gift from a friend who worked at the NFL Network at the time. It was a freebie he passed along, probably because it was the color that didn't sell or no one else wanted. However,  I have come to love it! I think there is good "mojo" in this hat I wear when my can is parked to watch my game of the week.

Some folks find luck in an old copper penny, a four-leaf clover, a rabbit's foot, or a horseshoe.  I know one sports fan with a "lucky t-shirt" he can't wash or the luck is cleaned out.  Don't sit by him.  You know how kooky these things can get.  I'm not superstitious, but since I DID WIN  with odds stacked against me last year, you know my  "NFL Advantage" will again sit on my melon this football season. 

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