Thursday, September 18, 2014

Proof of Purpose

 Admittedly, I wasn't looking forward to Lucas's Back to School Night. Once arrived, I was thankful I went. His regiment band performed and he's playing piano, although, with all those instruments going off at the same time, it's tough to hear his piano solo. I don't have a trained ear. 
 I do know they sounded amazing!
I also realized that there is MUCHO work to do in helping him prepare for college admissions. It's overwhelming. The process is much more complicated than when I applied to San Diego State University in 1985. Attending a forum run by the school counselors last night pepped me up. Their talk provided much needed motivation. Today, I scheduled tours of private schools in our area...NOT that we can afford them, but it was suggested he tour one to understand the different choices out there. Made sense to me :)

I won't lie, the financial reality of college is frustrating.  I wish we had spare thousands available to send him to a private Christian college. Or, a blossoming money tree would be handy right now.  I have to trust his college career will pan out. The bottom line is that God has a plan for Lucas (and you and me). He hasn't carried him this far to have him live in a box under the bridge. I pray that God opens doors for him and sends wisdom our way.
Finally, I saw this online today, and LOVED the truth that if your heart is beating then your life has reason, a plan, a purpose. After the college anxiety, it was the perfect reminder to move forward and BELIEVE.
 Don't give up.
 Whether it's applying to college, surviving a rough morning or difficult life season, trust that God has a unique direction JUST FOR YOU! If you don't believe it, the confirmation is under your hand when you place it on your heart.
It's Your Proof of Purpose :)

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