Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ortho (Dis) Appointment Update

Not planning on posting again today, I decided to write for cathartic reasons, as well as letting "Dan's fans" know how his orthopedic appointment went today. You care, right?
 I took this when he thought the cast was coming off;
Note the smile
We headed to Santa Barbara hopeful to have that big-honkin-blue cast taken off.  He was excited. Instead, we received some bad news. As the swelling had gone down further, his bones "slipped" like a cartoon character on a banana peel -- but not  funny ... at all. This is a problem. One bone is at a 35 degree angle. Surgery is needed to straighten things out and put a pin in to hold those bad boys in place. 
The bones have definitely slipped
Talk about a DIS-appointment! Daniel was devastated. I kept thinking this is "not open-heart surgery" ... we got this. Trying to cheer him up, I explained how thankful I am that this it's not his brain, lungs or heart... you know, life threatening. Seeing he was reallllly disappointed I decided to shut up.  Because, in his world, it probably does feel BIG ... Like open-heart surgery. He clearly needed affirmation and time to work out the unexpected news. This stuff happens to everyone in life. However, this is the first time for him. What can I say, other than he has been a blessed healthy little human :)

Beach and Burgers heal many things ... Try it!
However, Daniel's interpretation?  Pure frustration over having to start at "square one" with another big-honkin cast, no swim or surfing for even longer now, school with his left hand and showering with a bag for another month. Not to mention the smell

So, on the way home we stopped at In-and-Out Burger in Ventura. We sat our cans on the beach for some precious "fill-up and healing" time. It worked! When we left the sand, he was in a better mood and we shared some good laughs driving home. I'm figuring out that his secret remedy to disappointment is "la playa" (translated:beach).
Surgery is on Monday; not sure what time. It doesn't really matter because we will definitely be there! 
Although, I know that this is "NOT near open-heart-surgery" prayers are certainly welcomed and appreciated  :)

The life lesson of this experience? 
Keep your boys from climbing those trees. 
Good luck with that!

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