Monday, September 15, 2014

Funny Bone

 I know I've mentioned before that when I have the time I like to surf the web and discover new things that make me laugh ... you know tickle the old funny  (unbroken) bone. 
There were many, so I whittled it down to three.
This was just plain-old creative. I wish I thought of it first :)
This one made me think of Lucas.
 He is pounding on the drums as I type this.
In light of all the immigration problems, I found this sad and funny. All at the same time. Really, the American Indians were here first, waaaay before anybody else. We have managed to push them to the Indian casinos and then called their land OUR HOME.

 Not that I am for immigration. I mean, if folks want to come to America there should be some basic requirements.
Ah forget it. I don't want to get all political.

Nuf said.

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