Sunday, August 17, 2014

Time for a Fill-Up

 Only time heals broken bones. Daniel's broken arm is a big obstacle, keeping him blocked from doing his "summer-thang." He is a 100% outdoor kid and sitting around is NO bueno, es muy grumpy!
 No skateboard, surfboard, or bicycle. No Xbox --
No happy.

We explained he has six weeks with a cast and he can CHOOSE his attitude ... as an optimist or pessimist, negative or positive, upper or downer... you get the idea.

 He picked out a book, but doesn't want to read 12 hours a day. 
By day five of no activity the kid was wilting.
 He told us it's his choice ---
 to be negative and see the glass as half-empty. 
Then, tears in eyes. 
Clearly, he's frustrated
 (AND ... Out of Balance - had to slip that in there :)

However, we have totally got this. A bone break is "NOT open-heart surgery." It stinks, yes, but it's not fret with deep worry, suffering and heartache. I try to always keep perspective, right?
Friday night, after dinner, Teckie and I took our droopy kid to the healing waters of the Pacific Ocean. We live in Southern California and there are many awesome seaside choices. He requested a beach that he has never been to. 
No problem.

We landed at Oxnard Shores ... 
The heavy-sea air smelled and tasted lovely, and the wind blew our hair as we walked through the sand to the shore ... only to find hundreds, maybe thousands, of washed up baby jelly fish.
 Be careful where you step, they're everywhere.
Thank you Lord for the natural beauty in the world you made.
We weren't there ten minutes when Daniel smiled at me and said
 "I'm starting to fill up." 
 Those were his words. 
Remember the club that Fred Flintsone carried around? It's like that.
 This beach trip ended with an amazing sunset by God! It's beauty was quenching to this dried-out kid. Daniel left the beach with a new attitude  and tar on his feet. 

Gotta run...
I am watching my one-and-only nephew and "little love" in my life.
Benson is all energy and I admit by hour three I'm pooped out!
A rarely seen photo:
 Benson SITTING.
Peace and Keep the Balance

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