Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Let the problems find you

The cardiologist returned my call with results from Lucas' cardiac perfusion test. There were two parts to it, unbeknownst to me, and the EKG portion was totally normal. The other part (which I couldn't understand what he called it; he has a heavy Indian accent) was not normal. While he was describing the findings, he kept using the word "homogeneous" and went on to describe how the parts of his heart were NOT that word; homogeneous.

 At first, I was going to ask him what homogeneous meant; I mean, I had an idea, but was not 100% sure. However, he continued to use that darn word so much, that it was clear I "should know" what it meant. To ask, I would sound like an "idiota" 
(Spanish for idiot - one word en espanol that I can't forget).
My Loves
The minute we ended our conversation,  I googled the definition of that word he overused, homogeneous. 
 Yea, Me! I was close enough to the true meaning. It means "the same." 
Ten points for Biology 101 in college!
Spending new times with extremely dear, special friends over the weekend :)
So, all four parts of Lucas' heart were not "the same" as they should have been. He said it could be due to the patch put in during an infant heart surgery or, he said he was not exactly sure. For now, he is going to call the nuclear medicine department at UCLA and speak to the doctor who read the test ... to get a better picture of what is going on in Lucas's ticker. 
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Either way, his cardiologist told me nothing is pressing or needs attention right NOW. He did tell me, a few times, that at this point in Lucas's heart, "further testing" is normal. Like an angiogram. 
Is that EVER normal for a kid? 
I felt like the good doctor was laying pavement for further investigative heart work. After seventeen years, this doctor knows me and anticipates that I will freak out if, and when, he tells us "it's time" for more cardiac testing. 
Daniel messing with my iPad.
 PURE goof!
My theory has always been to
Let the problems find you--
Don't freak out and worry unless warranted!
So, until a "situation" exists, we  CHOOSE to
Let the good times roll :)
(see above for illustrations)

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