Thursday, August 7, 2014

Flippin' Good Time

Wrapping up Two days of unexpected fun!
  I begin  with our visit to Carpinteria Beach to visit friends that rented a condo ON the beach. Out of state folks might think it a regular "thang" for "Callis" to own or rent a beach house, 
but LO!  
Dearest Shakespeare, It is not truth.
 At least amongest this commoner. 

It's  an all American-California blessing to wake up on the shore. Driving to the beach is an easy thing... but to wake up nestled on it? 
A slice of heaven.
At least to me.
My friend Stephanie rented a condo on the beach and we were excited when we were invited to visit. We enjoyed front row seats to her highly gymnastic competitive cheer daughter, Grace. Our long walk along the beach was led by Gracie flipping her way down the sand, leading our parade of two moms enjoying the beautiful day. 

This girl is made of rubber. 
It took her a few "practice" runs, and then she whipped out a 
cartwheel-type-doohickie with a
 "Look Mom, NO hands!"
 Flip ... 
Woah - I was impressed. 
It was literally a 
Flipping good time :)
Speaking of flipping?
Another highlight was passing off the burgers and hot dogs to our teenage sons to head downstairs and BBQ dinner. 
NO adult supervision. 
Just tongs, salt, pepper, trust and a tray of meat. Off they went to some secret BBQ space in this beach complex. 
 They did a good job
 (if you enjoy eating leather turkey burgers. But nothing that onion and castup couldn't doctor up ;)
It was delicious.
But wait ... there was more "flipping fun."
 Let me back up. On the way to Carpenteria Beach, Daniel asked me to stop at a surf shop to buy some sort of sock for his board. Surprisingly, he and Lucas walked out with a skim board; no surf board silly sock. 
 Lucas and Daniel shared this surprise purchase.
 You will note that 
Lucas was on "brotherly-credit" as he still owes
 us some clams from the car accident deductible.
Both were anxious to slip and slide on the shore. 

"Please Lord, no ER visit"
 I prayed.
Daniel really took to it and spent most the time learning this new skill/sport. Today, he can hardly move, he is so sore from  moving muscles he didn't know were there. I guess you can say he is "conditioning" and feeling the pain of it. He did great.
Lucas and his buddies convened on the beach to act like goofs and antagonize their little brothers. The day was a blessing that I treasure.

 This chum of mine and I rarely get to catch up.
 She is one of those amazing-hard-working single Mommas .... 
She is stocked with 
strength, tenacity, integrity, beauty, truth, faith and perseverance. 
There are no games or illusions-- this girl is REAL...
and always refreshing. 
Plus, spending time with her uber-flexible-daughter was a highlight ...
 plus eating THAT BBQ "stuff" our sons cooked (smothered in condiments)?
It is all good memory.
But honestly? 
Parking my can on the the beach with nothing to do but "chill" was the best part of all. 
Lucas and Daniel loved the "testosterone time" too! 

I am thankful for this special family and the triumphs and challenges we have shared over this last decade. God is good all the time.
Overall,  in just  a sentence?
Our visit to the Pompeii Exhibit at the California Science Center is next.

Until then ... stay tuned. 
Keep the Balance
 and sunshine 
(plus sunscreen) 
in your summer!

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