Monday, August 4, 2014

First weekend in August

Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.  James 1:19

"Encouraging Words of the Day" arrive in my inbox and todays is worth sharing. It's just a good reminder to be a listener, calm and slow to mouth off. I can be impatient; anything but slow in many areas. I have been working on this.

 Newsflash: Chicken number 6, the Baird Rock, has died.
 Kaput, gone, outta here.
 She crawled in the back of the coop and died. She was dead for days before my Teckie even noticed! You can tell he is ready to ditch the birds. Only five chickens left, then we can close the coop on them for good!

 Friday we ended up at the beach with an old chum that I have not spent time with in years. So much to catch up on!
Our families were close friends and we share loads of good memories. 

What a treat to see these kiddos!
Sunday night I took Blanche on a spin in the cloudy late afternoon. Rain could have started at any minute and I entertained the idea of unicycling in humid wetness. That would be a first and slippery one too!

Along the ride, I noticed there were few cars out and that folks were more engaging than usual. That sort of thing makes it fun to ride, even the occasional "honk" is encouraging. And, we can all use that -- encouragement, not a "honk." Silly.

Leaving my neighborhood an older man walking his dog said,
 "I used to do that." 
"Then get out here" I shouted.
(I am now passing him and continuing to ride and have a yelling, playful  conversation with him.)
"I don't have it anymore." 
"Then get one!"
"Buy it on line."
"How much?"
I was at the end of the street, long passed him, by the time we wrapped up our little shout/talk. It was funny.
I told him I would be looking for him :)

Other than celebrating my Teckie's 47th birthday this weekend, there is nothing pressing "to do." I am a planner so I feel naked not knowing what each day will hold (other than party prep and creating an ice cream cake). Mostly nada is on the agenda ... for now.

One thing I CAN do is
 be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry 
with whomever or whatever rides my way.

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