Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Cast and Last Camp

Daniel was casted on Tuesday and it's a BIG blue one! Never watching a cast custom fit before, I was fascinated by the process. Once they took off his temporary cast one  the Emergency Room, they held his arm by the tip of his fingers to keep his bones in place. Interesting.
 Hand on head, Daniel is thinking "Ai Yi Yi!"
 He chose light blue which is much better than his other choice, screaming-loud-yellow. He is anxious to have his friends sign it and wants to be sure it's easy to read. The doctor was able to talk him out of yellow because after three weeks, this thing is going to be nasty. And, the darker the color the less the dirt and gunk will show. So, he went with light blue and wears it well.
"High Five" for three weeks
After the appointment, we visited Miss Piggy's house, as his orthopedic doctor is in Santa Barbara. She took Daniel on a beach walk and ice cream run. Miss Piggy is a Super Aunt and should consider wearing a cape. Daniel LOVED their time together. Driving home he said,
"Mom, she is so cool, I can hang out with her all the time."
Happy to see each other again :)
started early, picking Arizona Jenny up from LAX at 8AM. We headed to the Port of Los Angeles to deliver these two to The Catalina Express.  It's Camp Del Corazon (CDC) time again.... 
For the LAST time, at least for Lucas.  
Fast forward a decade ...
"Tags" was his very first  counselor and they have bonded over the years.
 I doubt he could hold Lucas on his shoulders NOW.
I will suggest that he, at least, try :) 
  It's unbelievable ten years have passed since he first attend this amazing camp for kids with congenital heart defects. In 2005, we dropped him off in Marina Del Rey to catch the boat. He was so little and his teeth looked so big. 
I was totally anxious and wary to turn our seven-year old  to these "men"/strangers (AKA Camp Counselors --- LOL). We nervously milled around until all the luggage was loaded. Little Daniel and I cried as the boat pulled away. We had no idea what adventure we sent him off to on an island in the Pacific with a group of doctors, nurses and 100 kids with heart problems. 

Saying ADIOS to him has definitely become MUCH easier over the years. He pretty much "shews me away" like a fly on food once I deliver him to the dock.
Lucas brought his guitar and learned some new songs for camp.
(Now, shew mom)
Ya know ... It felt bittersweet to drop him off for the last time, as a camper. It's sweet because he LOVES this camp and, better yet, he's healthier than I would've ever dreamed of seventeen years ago. 
I mean. He grew up ... he REALLY grew up!
I wasn't sure it would happen, but IT DID 
and I get all EMO when I think about it. 
What can I say? I have a mother's heart.
Tommy's mom and I have been friends for thirty years,
and now our sons attend CDC together!
They will hold a special "graduation" at the end of this camp session and we were asked to secretly write him a letter of congratulations. Overboard sent one also, and I'm sure he will love the encouragement. As I always say, 
"Who doesn't love encouragement?"

Lucas and Jenny with Dee Dee, a nurse they know and love! .
Last year at "the dance" she is the one who told them they were dancing to close and
to step back. LOL!
It's Lucas goal to be a CDC camp counselor when he's nineteen. It's something I can't wait to see him achieve! He will be so good at it.

Lucas always refers to CDC as "the best week of the year" and I'm a bit sad to see his "camper" years end. On the other (unbroken) hand,
 I can't wait to see what God has planned for him when he returns.
Bon Voyage Campers!

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