Monday, August 25, 2014

Los Dias Grandes

After school today, I rode my unicycle four miles and it felt free, but  was challenging. Huff and puff - but I did it! While cruising I was thinking all about "Los Dias Grandes" (The Big Days) in our life right now. 
Gorgeous SB Sunset brought to by God
Today was "El Dia Grande." Yes... the first day of school. Eighth grade for Daniel has officially started. Unbelievable! Since he can't write due to that big-honkin cast, he will borrow my iPad and peck out what he can in class. A challenge, I am sure.

"El Dia Grande"  in my Fourth Grade class went swell. Lots of reviewing  rules and class procedures. Now the cycle starts all over again.  I'm not physically or mentally ready to have summer end. Getting up early scares me, I fear I will push "snooze" so many times, I will be late. This scenario has played out in real life, more than once.
Day One
 Last night I made lunches and covered the details so I could get as much beauty sleep as possible. Surely, every mom starts the school year off organized, right? It lasts maybe three weeks and then I am  back to pushing "snooze" and rushing to get out the door with a bagel in my mouth and hair in a pony-tail.
Today I could NOT be late!

 I had morning yard duty at 8AM sharp. This is when all the parents stand around enjoying their kids playing from afar while chit-chatting/hovering. My co-worker said he felt like we were in the zoo, being watched. I agreed. The parental energy on this "Dia Grande" is way high. 
I recommend The Beachouse restaurant if you are ever in the Santa Barbara area. Great fresh fish and you can't beat the location.
Did I mention that this weekend included "Los Dia Grandes" also? We were celebrating my parents 49th anniversary at an amazing restaurant ON the beach in Santa Barbara; The Beachouse. Walking from the parking lot, I dropped my phone, shattering the screen. I tried not to let it bother me as there was no room to be morose among all that love and levity. 
Anniversary cupcakes
We all spent the night at Miss Piggy's place. One big family sleep over.  Daniel stayed all day Sunday to make his final beach trip before school started. 
Daniel with his Mini-Me

 Meanwhile, Teckie and I headed home, stopping to buy a new phone. An unexpected treat, and I honestly have no idea how to load and transfer everything off the old one. So I have Teckie helping ... no actually, confession, he is doing it all.

I would be lost without this guy!
There is another "Dia Grande" this week. Daniel's 14th Birthday. He invited the class over for a party Friday night. Creating a scavenger hunt,  monster-ice cream cake (probably a ten pounder) and other fun jobs top my agenda. This middle school age is rather interesting and it should be entertaining to sit back and watch the Live Teen Show.

And, the final piece of this "El Dia Grande" post was Lucas returning from Camp Del Corazon today. Overboard saved the day again, going down to the Port of Los Angeles to pick him and Jenny up. My amazing Overboard fed them lunch at Islands then dropped Jenny off at LAX for the flight back to Arizona. That is alot of driving in stinky L.A.! She is a priceless trooper and exceptional Grandma :)
These two are the best of friends and more :)
This collection of "Los Dias Grandes" was filled with lots of action and blessings. Many of them. Maybe that is why I'm so tired.

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